Overturning Roe: Practical Fallout

This week, SCOTUS issued a significant decision which was as significant as the original Roe decision. Clearly, there are passionate opinions across the political spectrum. More such a momentous event, I will do something almost equally as rare and share thoughts from a strictly non-political perspective, but yet thoughts that each of us, no matter where we are on the political spectrum, need to hear.

Once we sort through the initial emotion, one thing that I think everyone can recognize is that there are going to be a lot more expectant mothers who have, to one degree or another, difficult decisions ahead of them. And there are going to be a lot of children who are unwanted, for whatever reason, and need help, many of whom may come from tragic situations or have special needs.

Whatever the case, what we know is that we as a society will have problems that need addressing. So, the bottom line, after we get done talking about what should have happened, the question remains:  what will we as a society do about it?  And what will YOU, personally, do about it?

I’m sure that the next argument will be about what to do, because in these days of social media where it’s easier to type some biting comment behind the anonymity of a computer than to have a conversation and where we have become so partisan in everything. But whatever needs to be done, you and I can do something, personally.

Most Americans want to donate money—we can give to pregnancy crisis centers or I personally know of children’s homes within a few miles of the every home I have lived in for the last couple of decades. Or, just to use an example, my church has several dozen adoptive and foster families and so we/they have established a program for people who maybe are not at the stage of life who can personally do that but who can offer help to those families. Often, those children come from difficult circumstances and require a lot of time and attention and the families get burnt out. Helping them with little things—errands, or nights out or whatever, helps them to help those children. That may be seemingly small but it is something. With the burnout rate of foster families at almost 50% in the first year, that can have an impact.

Whatever the case, whatever opinion you have on the topic, there are people involved and impacted more that most of us ever will imagine. At the end of the day, those people will need help. If you are passionate about the issue, but only talk about how terrible ‘the other side’ is and  miss the people involved, may I respectfully but strongly suggest to the person in your mirror that you don’t really care about the problem, you just want to yell because it makes you feel good somehow. You can still fight and work for what you believe on the political issue, but if the politics of it is all you care about and you don’t put into action the care that you say that you have for the people involved—the woman and children directly affected—I would offer that you don’t really care that much.  As my Mom and Dad used to say:  “What you do speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you say.”

If you believe that women have lost control of their lives and bodies, then help them get some control of their lives back. If you believe that innocent lives have been saved, then help those lives to be cared for and supported in the midst of difficult circumstances beyond their control. Either way, we all owe nothing less.

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