Biden…Carter? Pota-to…Potat-o

On Friday the Federal government announced that the economy shrank in the most recent quarter, for the second one in a row. Gross domestic product (GDP) shrank roughly 1% after also falling in the beginning of the year.

A shrinking economy, rampant inflation and rising gas prices…for those old enough to remember, does this remind you of Jimmy Carter?

The Ongoing Craziness That is Rep. Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz, (R-FL) was one of a small number of Congressmen who voted against a renewal of an anti-human trafficking law today.

Oddly, Gaetz has been under federal investigation since 2020 over whether he had sex with a minor, and whether he paid for her to cross state lines. Of course, paying for a minor to cross state lines for sex would be defined as sex-trafficking.

Let’s be clear:  people are innocent until proven guilty and Gaetz has not been charged with anything and has denied wrongdoing.

A former associate, Joel Greenberg — whom Gaetz once called his “wingman”— has pleaded guilty to six charges, including sex trafficking a minor. Greenberg’s sentencing has been delayed in order to cooperate with the investigation into Gaetz, according to at least two media outlets.

Supply Chain Problems? Blame the Government, Not Covid

Months ago, this columnist commented that the ‘supply chain problems’ were mostly self-imposed and were the result of government policies that created the shortages. I argued at the time that most of the problem was the result of the price of fuel, environmental regulations that kept truckers from investing in new equipment and laws in California designed to help unions but which ended up hurting small independent business people and truckers.

To be sure, there are lingering effects from the disruptions caused by covid and the resulting shutdowns of economies around the world. But, it has to seem odd that there have been record numbers of ships just anchored off the coast of Los Angeles, Long Beach and elsewhere waiting to be unloaded. I mean, if the problems were the same across the world, how did those ships get to the United States with all of those tons of goods just waiting to be unloaded and shipped around the country? If the supply chain problems were as bad worldwide, how did all of those tons of goods get produced and ready to ship, and how did those goods get to a port and loaded onto ships only to get to the United States and sit?

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Violence Against Pro-Life Groups Grows

Since the Supreme Court’s recent decision on abortion on May 8, pro-life organizations have been victims of vandalism and violence, even those that exist solely to serve as resources for women’s health. Since May, fifty attacks on pro-life organizations have been reported to authorities.

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This Is Progressive Justice Reform

New York Rep. Lee Zeldin was attached yesterday during a campaign event.

While delivering a speech on the effects of New York State’s progressive bail reform, Zeldin was attached by a man who jumped on stage, grabbed him and pulled a dagger-like weapon.

After the attacker was wrestled to the ground and taken away, Zeldin went on with his speech and predicted that the man would be out of jail within a day because of the new law. Sure enough, the attacker was charged with a felony, after attacking a public official, and was released six hours later with no bail.

THAT is progressive justice reform.

Solar Power…Maybe Not Quite As ‘Green’

California has been in the forefront of the move for rooftop solar power. Beginning in 2006, the state, focused on how to incent people to take up solar power, provided large subsidies on homeowners who installed photovoltaic panels and, as a result, build up the largest solar market in the country.

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And In Economic News…

The good news: unemployment remains low.

The…mixed news:  The average price of a gallon of gas dropped below $5, down from the highest price in history. It is good that the price dropped. However, dropping from $5/gallon is not really saying much.

The bad news:

The Univ. of Michigan’s June survey of consumer sentiment hit the lowest point in the history of the survey.

On Wednesday, the Federal government reported that inflation hit 9.1% which was the highest level in 40 years. Which, of course, topped the previous high of the last 40 years set two months ago, which topped the previous 40 year high….well, you get the idea.

Inflation in the United States is worse than Canada, France, Italy, Japan, India, Mexico and China

To combat inflation, the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by three-quarters of a point which was the largest increase since 1982.

Real wages-increase in wages adjusted by the inflation rate and cost of household goods—decreased yet again last month.

As a result of inflation, which hits low income households the hardest, the number of people behind on their mortgages, the number of car repossessions and the amount of consumer debt all increased rapidly in the last quarter.

GDP declined in the first quarter of the year and most economists are now predicting a recession.

President Biden’s solution? Spend more money and he has proposed tens of billions of dollars in additional spending under various ‘plans’ for the government to fix all sorts of things.

Mr. President, please review your notes from Economics 101. That’s sort of a good part of why we got here.

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