Jury Finds Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Guilty

Former White House aide and close Trump advisor Steve Bannon was convicted of two counts of contempt today after the jury deliberated just two hours.

Bannon had been subpoenaed to testify before Congress about his role in the events of Jan. 6 but he refused to appear and also refused to turn over any documents. He claimed that he was protected by executive privilege. Unfortunately, Bannon had long since left the White House staff by that time and was a campaign advisor and private citizen.

Bannon was recorded in an Oct. 30 meeting, just days before the election saying “What Trump’s gonna do is just declare victory. Right? He’s gonna declare victory. But that doesn’t mean he’s a winner,” Bannon, laughing. “He’s just gonna say he’s a winner.”

The meeting was held at the in the ‘war room’ of the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC where Trump’s key campaign advisors met in the lead up to election day.

Also on recording, Bannon also predicted Trump would fire FBI Director Christopher Wray and then he’d never have to “go to a voter again…He’s done his last election,” presumably because he then would be president for life.

Bannon also talked about needing ‘shock troops’ to overthrow the ‘administrative state’ and Congress wanted to hear testimony under oath. Bannon refused and now has been convicted for contempt. The subpoenas remain outstanding.

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