Violence Against Pro-Life Groups Grows

Since the Supreme Court’s recent decision on abortion on May 8, pro-life organizations have been victims of vandalism and violence, even those that exist solely to serve as resources for women’s health. Since May, fifty attacks on pro-life organizations have been reported to authorities.

One such place is Life Choices Pregnancy Center in Colorado. Pro-abortion zealots set fire Life Choices Pregnancy Center. Life Choices director Kathy Roberts said, “We’ve pretty much lost everything but our ultrasound machines.” Yet the terror continues. “We were actually threatened again by phone. And there are groups that want to pursue continuing to harass different centers.”

Life Choices posted on its webpage, “We are devastated and stunned by this frightening act of vandalism. Life Choices has served Longmont and its surrounding communities for over 37 years. Our dedicated staff – including staff nurses and volunteers – works hard to provide hope, help and support for the women, men and families of our community.”

The post continued and addressed the attackers: “What we hope the perpetrators of this act understand is that an attack on Life Choices is ultimately not an attack on a political party. It is an attack on those who walk through our doors every day in need of diapers, pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, clothing, financial and parenting classes, support, and so much more. It is an attack on a place that is supposed to be safe for those in need.”

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