The Ongoing Craziness That is Rep. Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz, (R-FL) was one of a small number of Congressmen who voted against a renewal of an anti-human trafficking law today.

Oddly, Gaetz has been under federal investigation since 2020 over whether he had sex with a minor, and whether he paid for her to cross state lines. Of course, paying for a minor to cross state lines for sex would be defined as sex-trafficking.

Let’s be clear:  people are innocent until proven guilty and Gaetz has not been charged with anything and has denied wrongdoing.

A former associate, Joel Greenberg — whom Gaetz once called his “wingman”— has pleaded guilty to six charges, including sex trafficking a minor. Greenberg’s sentencing has been delayed in order to cooperate with the investigation into Gaetz, according to at least two media outlets.

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