It’s A Lot Easier When It’s Someone Else, Isn’t It?

It is amazing when things happen to you how your attitude changes from when they are happening to someone else and you are unaffected.

The most recent example is the case of illegal immigration.  Since President Biden has taken office, he has acted on his promises to ease restrictions and the number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border of the country set a record in his first year in office and is on pace to break that record this year, including thousands of unaccompanied minors. Liberals applauded, signs went up with sounds bites like “No human is illegal” and states like Texas and Arizona saw their resources stretched to the limits as the news media ran video of illegal aliens walking across the border with hardly a concern in the world and no law enforcement within sight.

After dealing with the hundreds of thousands of people pouring across the border each month and all of the problems associated with it, the people of Texas had enough and the Governor decided that he would bus some of those who crossed illegally to Washington DC so that politicians there could see what others were experiencing.

Shockingly (heavy sarcasm intended), the talking points changed. Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has called the arrival of a small portion of those crossing the border illegally has a ‘humanitarian crisis’. She has held press conferences to beg for help from the Federal government and, last week, requested that the National Guard be called out to help.

All of which presents an interesting dilemma:  President Biden has refused to offer additional help to Texas and Arizona and has refused to call the National Guard to the southern border. So, without a large degree of hypocrisy, he cannot really do it now that the problem is only a few hundred yards from the White House. What’s a President to do?

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