Who Is Above the Law?

Is there anyone that is above the law?

The answer to that was, at one time, self-evident and there was pretty much universal agreement that “No, no one is above the law.”  Justice is blind and is not respective of persons.

So why is it then that there is so much handwringing about a search warrant that was serviced on former President Trump and his residence in Florida? The FBI, headed by Christopher Wray who was nominated by Trump himself, is all of a sudden part of the “liberal Democratic” conspiracy that also includes the judge that signed off on the warrant? Really?!

The search warrant was executed yesterday on Donald Trump’s home. What that means is that at least branches of government have agreed on the need for a search, the executive branch and the judicial branch which approves the request for a warrant.

The reported reason was a search for classified information.  We know that the National Archives months ago identified classified documents were not transported to the archives but were sent to Trump’s home and that has been acknowledged. So why is this a big deal or, more importantly, why weren’t those simply turned over if it was a simple mistake?

Trump began chants at his rallies with “Lock her up” when it was Hillary that reportedly had classified information at her home. So how is this different?  We can all understand how Trump thinks it is different—he believes every case of anything that involves him is different and that anyone who challenges him on even the smallest thing is part of a ‘conspiracy’ and ‘liberal political attack’. But to others, who we would like to think are driven by facts, why is this different especially when, in Trump’s own words, the head of the FBI who conducted the search is a great leader of that organization?

Here is the problem:  too many people are blindly believing and spouting anything Trump says. We have a Constitution and a legal process that applies to everyone, and it should apply even more to those we choose to lead us. If there was no reason for the search, then the facts will come out that.  If they found incriminating things, those facts will come out. The best way to avoid a criminal prosecution is to not do anything criminal. That applies to anyone.

We need to get back to letting the facts and evidence drive the outcome and consequences. We do not worship people, we do not put anyone above the law and the rule of law applies to everyone. Of course, those accused will always deny they did anything wrong. The only amazing thing is how many people believe all of the conspiracy theories

We cannot allow our worship (and that is what it is) of a person to cause us to blindly bow down and believe anything.  We will not even take the time to recount how many people—Republicans, former members of the Trump Administration, Trump appointees—would have to be in on all of the conspiracies that we are expected to believe.  So just stop! Let us go back to the rule of law and the Constitution applying to everyone.

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