Trump Spaghetti

Trump: On whether the Justice Dept. should be allowed to release the details of the search warrant served on him, Trump said he supported the “immediate release” of the records, and then posted on Truth Social: “Release the documents now!”

Also Trump: Had copies of the search warrants, as required by law to be given to him, and could have released them any time but did not.

Trump:  “The FBI planted documents that they seized from my house at Mar-al-Lago.”

Also Trump: “I already de-classified the documents the FBI seized.”

You had already de-classified the documents they planted?

Trump: (in a response, signed by his lawyer, to a request for classified documents in his possession) “There are no more classified documents in my possession.”

Also Trump: I already de-classified the documents the FBI seized.”

Wait, what?…you de-classified the documents that you said you didn’t have?

Trump: “Lock her up,” as he led crowds in chanting when talking about Hillary’s using unsecure phone and email to transfer classified document and, later, as he signed a law making it a felony to have possession of such and barring anyone convicted of ever holding office again.

Also Trump: “The search for classified information was a political hit job.”

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