Oklahoma To ‘Rush’ To Execute Death Row Inmates?

When you say you are in a “rush” to do something, what does that mean?

After a pause, the state of Oklahoma is scheduled to execute 25 inmates who are on death row over the next 29 months.

Being interviewed by the leftist Yahoo News, Tracy Hresko Pearl, a professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, said “Why the rush to execute 25 people?” and went on to call it “horrifying”.

Rush? For having a graduate degree and being a college professor, Thinking Man is struggling to understand how Pearl defines ‘rush’.

James Coddington, the first person to have their sentence carried out yesterday, was convicted of murder for killing a friend because the friend would not loan him $50 to buy cocaine. That was in 1997–25 years ago. More than two decades and roughly a generation ago. That is a ‘rush’?

The real question should be why is it taking so long? And why is it stretching over two years and yet there still will be about half of the inmates on death row that have not received justice after two more years?

Critics of the death penalty argue that it is not a deterrent. If that is true, then maybe the reason is that a generation of people have died before we see the consequences of the crime and the sentence carried out.

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