Amazing New Russian Technology

These days, we are getting really used to public figures just making stuff up and people believing it. So why not when discussing the latest in military technology?

As the war in Ukraine rages, one particular concern threatens the safety of citizens across Europe even more than the war itself. Fighting is raging around the Chernobyl nuclear plant, seemingly oblivious to the danger of damage to the plant that would cause a radioactive leak and spread deadly radioactivity far and wide.

With Ukraine and Russia each blaming each other targeting artillery in the area of the plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) sent a team to investigate. A video leaked showing a discussion with representatives of each country, at the site of an artillery barrage, talking to officials of the IAEA.

The footage showed a Russian man speaking to inspectors and commenting on a shell fragment that seems to indicate it was fired from Russian-held territory. According to the translation by The Telegraph, he says: “It fled from here and this is the direction of Nikopol. It did a U-turn. In principle, it landed and spun around.” So what the Russian is saying is that the shell did a 180 degree turn after landed and so it only SEEMS to have been fired from Russian territory.

Ah, modern military technology is just amazing, isn’t it?

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