Oberlin College Must Pay $35.6 M to ‘Racists’

In Nov. 2016, a local Ohio bakery called police on a 17 year old who tried to use a fake ID to buy wine. Two others were arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after they argued with, and physically assaulted, employees at the bakery.

The three teenagers arrested-Jonathan Aladin, Cecelia Whettston, and Endia J. Lawrence-happened to be Black. Students and professors at nearby Oberlin College began protesting outside the bakery, saying that the owners were racists.

As has become so easy in today’s environment, and frankly lazy, professors at the Oberlin led protests and made accusations of racsim to the press that the bakery’s owners were racists without examining any facts but for no other reason other than those arrested were Black.

This time, the owners decided to fight back and filed a lawsuit for defamation. The court awarded the bakery $35.6 M in damages and, this week, the Ohio Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal from Oberlin College.

Racism and sexism are serious issues. So any accusation of such should be as well. Yet, it has become habit among those of a certain political persuasion to just throw those accusations casually, without any examination of the circumstances and often for no other reason than someone disagrees with them. Hopefully this verdict will cause radicals who do that to think twice.

One thought on “Oberlin College Must Pay $35.6 M to ‘Racists’”

  1. That is great. There needs to be more of that, so people won’t be so flippant with what they call racism. I don’t necessarily agree with such a high amount, but it’s in line with other high amounts I disagree with. 😉


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