There Is No Border Problem For Liberals…Until Illegals Show Up In Their City, Then It Is A Crisis

Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington, D. C. said in response to illegal immigrants being shipped to her city “We are not a border town.”

Bowser was complaining about illegal immigrants showing up unannounced in her city (after being captured and then transported there from the border). You see, Bowser is fine with the immigration situation as long as it does not affect her or her city. The hundreds of thousands of people crossing the border illegally EACH MONTH is only a problem for people at the border.

The Mayor of New York has also expressed his outrage and immigrants just showing up in New York and has said how wrong it is for that to happen.

Both mayors have asked the Federal government for additional emergency resources to deal with their ‘crisis’ of a few hundred illegal immigrants. However, as long as it did not affect them, they did not see the problem.

President Biden weighed in on Friday, criticizing the border state governors that were busing illegal immigrants to other parts of the county. Yet, President Biden is the biggest hypocrite of the group because he could do something about it, immediately, but has simply chosen to continually loosen border controls.

If it were not for the human tragedy involved, in so many aspects, it would almost be comical about Biden and liberals talking about an open immigration policy, that is until it affects them directly. As long as it is Texas and Arizona that are affected then it is not a problem. The minute that they are affected by a very small portion of the issue of hundreds of thousands coming across the border each month, then they call a press conference and talk about a ‘crisis’. Funny how that works.

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