Biden Administration Backs US Paying Climate Reparations

Countries of the world are to meet in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh in mid-November to talk about the ‘climate crisis’ and one of the main items on the agenda is money. President Biden’s ‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry will attend and represent the US. You remember John Kerry, the rich former Senator who infamously flew in his private jet to Iceland for a previous meeting on the need to reduce carbon emissions and to receive an award for batting climate change?

Kerry is backing a proposal by a large group of mostly Third World countries that would have developed nations pay reparations for being developed and ‘causing’ the climate problems of the world. (Of course China, the current largest carbon emitter would be excluded). Discussions are that these reparations would be in the trillions of dollars (yes, with a ‘T’ and plural)

That begs the question that how would developed countries pay all that money to these poor countries if they did not use all that energy and fuel to run the factories and fuel the economy?

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