This May Be the Most Stupid Thing A Politician Has Ever Done

Kari Lake, the ‘in your face’ conspiracy theorist who was the Republican running for governor in Arizona lost her election last night in a very close race, one that was so close that it took days for the final outcome to be decided.

Of course, Arizona was also home to the late John McCain, who had been a Vietnam prisoner of war and later served several terms as Senator from Arizona and also the Republican nominee for President in 2008.

Last week, Lake held a campaign rally and asked “Are there any John McCain Republicans out there?”  When a number of people raised their hands or applauded, Lake replied and told them to “get the hell out” because she didn’t want ‘those kinds’ of Republicans around.

Lake lost by less than 1% of the vote. I guess a little less hate and more civility and she might have won.  Hmmm….

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