The Final Results From 2022 Midterms Are Not Yet In, And The 2024 Presidential Election Is Already Over

Final results from last Tuesday’s midterm election are not in and who controls the House is not yet completely decided. The one thing that is sure is that, with a Democrat President with historically low approval ratings, the Republicans dramatically underperformed, losing two governor seats, one and possibly two Senate seats and gained dramatically fewer House seats than expected after last year’s redistricting (there are still a handful too close to call).

A week after midterm election day, former President Trump announced last night that he will run for President again in 2024.

Write it down: the Democrats have now won the 2024 Presidential election. Why? And why would this commentator say something so extreme two years in advance? It actually is pretty simple.

If Trump wins the Republican nomination, he will lose in the general election. Whether you like him or hate him, the simple political math is that a segment of conservative voters have left the Republican Party because of Trump and Trump turns off independent voters (Tuesday proved that when Democrats actually won the majority of independent voters in spite of a bad economy and Biden’s low approval). Trump cannot win a general election.

If Trump is not the Republican nominee, he will ‘take his ball and go home’ and tell his worshippers that the nominee (whoever that is) is terrible, and they should not be voting for him or her. For Trumps it is all personal and the war he waged on fellow Republicans he did not like in the recent midterms proves that he does not care about damaging his party or hurting ‘the cause’, if someone crosses him. Trump has enough devotees among Republicans that it will keep them from winning.

In either case, the Democratic candidate wins. Yes, it is that simple.

The only qualifier is if Trump’s legal troubles disqualify him, which is not an impossibility. If you recall, for example, a law that he proposed and later signed, and was intended to target Hillary Clinton, said that anyone convicted of mishandling classified documents would be disqualified from holding office.

When Trump was elected in 2016, Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. In 2018, Democrats gained control of the House. In 2020, Democrats gained control of the Senate and also defeated Trump. And in 2022, Democrats had historic results. President Trump, in effect, has lost every election since he became President. And now he has set himself up to take the Republican Party down with him in 2024.

Thinking Man said early in the Trump Administration that Trump would destroy the Republican Party. And that has been happening the last three election cycles. It is just so surprising how many Republicans just ignore the results and do not seem to care. As a result, they should begin to look forward to 2026.

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