The “Thinking Man”, author of thise blog page, is a former naval officer with degrees in economics, international relations, political science and history from the Univ. of Wisconsin.  He has a graduate degree from the Univ. of North Florida and has also done graduate work at Kansas State.   He is a published author and commentator on current US and world affairs.

The genesis of The Thinking Man’s site and blog was what he saw as a decline in level of public discourse and civility in American society.  While partisanship seems to have been on the rise, the 2016 Presidential election brought out new levels of vitriol and rancor to those who hold any opposing view.  “Thinking Man’s Politics” is, in part, an attempt to counter that tendency.  There is no blind loyalty to a particular party or candidate, or blind opposition to a particular party or candidate, with the only loyalty being to principles (of which Thinking Man has strongly held ones).   And there is no presumption that any who hold opposing views are bad people, but likely simply disagree.  Which, after all, is the basis of a democratic society.


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