Data Tells The Story

There are bad police officers. Not all police are bad. When we start to say they are, bad things happen.

Violent Crime in Our Cities

Chicago: 139% increase in murders July and 75% increase in shootings

New York:  More shootings YTD than all of 2019

Denver: Murder rate up more than 40%

Portland: July’s killings highest in 30 years

St. Louis:  starts the new month with 2 homicides on the first day, as murder rate continues to rise


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo-A Hypocrite Of Notable Fame Even Among Politicians

A brief history of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcements on checkpoints for travelers.
March 28
Gov. Cuomo says that forcing New York citizens to quarantine and to seal the state’s borders would be a “Federal declaration of war”.
When other states starting checking travelers from New York, he went on “I don’t think it’s legal.” When Rhode Island begins to stop cars with NY plates at the border, Cuomo threatens to sue.
Aug. 5
Gov. Cuomo requires air passengers to be screened when coming from 34 other states and Puerto Rico.
New York City sets up checkpoints at bridges entering the city
Data note: New York state leads the nation in the number of deaths from Covid-19. The state with the second highest total–neighboring New Jersey-has less than half New York’s total. California has the third highest number of deaths. New York has more than three times as many deaths as California.

Maybe Bipartisanship Isn’t Totally Lost

Recently, 60 members of the House of Representatives promoted a framework for budget reforms.

The group led by Representatives Scott Peters (D-CA) and Jodey Arrington (R-TX), released a letter to House leadership  calling for future budget reforms to help address the rising national debt once the public health crisis has passed and the economy starts to recover.

The letter, signed by 30 Democrats and 30 Republicans, recommended several steps to be taken to address the critical debt issue.

The greatest threat to the prosperity of the next generation will be the national debt. It’s a small sign of hope that a bipartisan group of lawmakers is looking ahead to plan on what needs to be done.

Chinese Nationals Arrested For Industrial Espionage

Last week, the government issued an 11-count indictment for two people accused of industrial espionage and trying to steal data on corona virus research for China. LI Xiaoyu, 34, and Dong Jiazhi, 33, are accused of targeting high-tech, medical, pharma, engineering, business and other sectors in the US, Australia, and several other countries, with the backing of the Chinese government. Continue reading “Chinese Nationals Arrested For Industrial Espionage”

Monday Quick Takes

Rich California Governor Late On Taxes

California Gov. Gavin Newsom owns two homes in CA, assessed at over $6 million. According to public records, earlier this year he received a ‘cash out refinance’ from Union Bank on one of the homes where he pocketed $2.695 million.

During the pandemic, Newsom has repeatedly urged CA citizens to do whatever is necessary to ‘meet this moment’ and sacrifice so help get through the crisis.

Newsom apparently did not include himself in that suggestion. He has not yet paid his property taxes this year for one mansion and paid them late on the other mansion. While the low income residents of the state struggle to make ends meet, Newsom can’t seem to get around to paying his taxes.

Rutgers Chair of English Dept. Says Good Grammar Is Racist

Rutgers University’s Chair of the English Dept. said that using proper grammar promoted racism. Yes, indeed.

Speaking in the terms of academia, she said that her Department would change their approach to one that “challenges the familiar dogma that writing instruction should limit emphasis on grammar…so as to not put students from multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds at a disadvantage.” In other words, if you don’t use proper grammar then they won’t teach it to you or care.

So, either Rutgers thinks minorities are not smart enough to learn proper grammar, or all that money Mom and Dad encouraged me to use on education was for nothing.

See, Mom and Dad. I told you my grades didn’t matter.



Portland-Where Innocent People Fear To Tread

The city of Portland is now in its third month of nightly violent ‘protests’—more than 65 straight nights. Protests that started as a call for social justice and justice under the law in the wake of George Floyd’s death, now are simply mindless violence against anything and anyone that happens to be close. Continue reading “Portland-Where Innocent People Fear To Tread”

Protest Agenda Now Anti-Christianity?

The protests over social justice have, for some time now, turned to riots that have little or nothing to do with equality. We see that more and more. Rioters have attacked federal buildings, random businesses, police stations and police officers and looted in the very underprivileged neighborhoods that they were supposedly trying to support. This weekend, they found a new target: Bibles.

A video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows rioters in Portland holding Black Lives Matter signs tossing Bibles into a fire. Bystanders stood and watched as the flames burned the stack of the books.

There was a time that ‘radicals’ protested against book burning. Of course, when they are the ones choosing to burn the books, it’s different apparently. And one can’t help but notice which book they deemed most offensive and chose to burn.



Norway Backs The Confederacy?

Owners of a Bed and Breakfast took down a flag honoring their heritage, in order to save their business.

A couple in St. Johns, MI had a Norwegian flag flying in honor of their Norwegian heritage. However, some ‘hate police’ got the Norwegian flag confused with the Confederate flag and posted negative reviews so the couple was afraid of it hurting their income.

The Legacy of Rep. John Lewis

It seems these days that we can’t respect people of different political opinions, that it’s either ‘all or nothing’ on both extremes and anything but agreement on every last issue leads to vitriolic name-calling.

I would hope that today could be an exception to that. Today, the motorcade of Rep. John Lewis takes him toward his final resting place after he passed away late last week. Whether you belonged to the same political party as he did, or agreed with his politics in his later years, Lewis was a one of the important figures in our nation’s history. Lewis was a key figure in fighting for the civil rights of roughly a tenth of our country’s citizens.

Yesterday, his body was carried over the bridge in Selma, AL as a memorial to that same march that he made half a century ago. He was a man who personally sacrificed for what he believed and in doing so, brought about change-peaceful change-and helped correct an historic wrong and crime against so many. On this day, we can all respect a man for that!