Delaware Senator Says He Favors Changing Rules If Doesn’t Get What He Wants

This weekend, Sen. Chris Coons (Democrat from Delaware) said that he was open to adding more Supreme Court justices if Democrats take control of Congress in November’s election.

Coons said he was open to adding enough justices to the Supreme Court to ensure that Democrats could make sure they have the Court majority that they want.

Let’s be clear, what Coons is saying is that he is opposed to democracy. The laws of the land, in this case related to the size of the Supreme Court, shouldn’t be changed just to ensure one party always rules. That’s a dictatorship.

Coons has said that he is favor of changing the rules and laws of the land, if he doesn’t get his way. Not only is that childish, it’s dangerous to democracy.

The Election (Part 2 Of 3 In A Series-House of Representatives)

This is the second in a series on the upcoming Nov. 3 election, a look at the political landscape with weeks left before the nation goes to the polls. In this edition, we focus on the House of Representatives where the Democrats have a 35 seat majority.

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Key Qualification For Female Justices? Their Dress, Apparently

During the last election, when a member of the media would even mention in passing what Hillary Clinton was wearing, the outcry would be swift and sure:  only women are judged by their appearance and its discriminatory to have that be a focus. Fair point.

Yet, it’s so interesting that all that changes when the woman being spoken of is not considered a liberal.

Such is the case in the first day of hearings on Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Justice Barrett is a law school professor and current Federal Judge, and is a judge whose record is one that defers to the legislature, meaning that she interprets laws and believes that laws are to be made my elected representatives, which is different than the philosophy of liberal jurists.

Since all bets are off when a woman doesn’t have the certain required beliefs, liberal columnist Alaina Demopoulo wrote a whole article about Justice Barrett’s dress-a whole article. She contrasted Barrett’s dress with the dresses of the Democratic Senators. 

“Barrett’s dress made a statement. So did the Democratic women lawmakers at the hearing.   Senators Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Mazie K. Hirono, and Amy Klobuchar all wore bright      blue blazers, the color of their party.”

Barrett wore a pink dress. 

“It was a pretty dress, maybe even stylish… Her outfit radiates a maternal warmth, an easy comfort. It masks the harm she has the potential to enable once confirmed against women, LGBTQ people, all of those with Obamacare, and victims of voter suppression.”

“The dress labored overtime to quell certain fears.”

You can get all that from a dress?!

But more importantly, how was dress linked to qualifications. What value did that lend to the discussion on whether Barrett has been a good Federal judge or would make a good justice for the Supreme Court? And if it was sexist to talk about Hillary Clinton’s appearance, why isn’t it sexist to focus on Amy Barrett’s appearance?

Well, frankly, we know the answer. Because the standards don’t apply when the woman involved isn’t a liberal. A woman who does not follow the pre-determined stereotype is to be opposed by any and all means. Even if it means doing the exact things you said you opposed….because the ends justify any means, apparently.

News Of The Weird, Out West

Pimps and communists: if you made this up people would say it was too bizarre.

Seattle Hires A Pimp

A former pimp, who was one of the subjects of a documentary “American Pimp”, has been hired by the city of Seattle to advise it on developing ‘alternatives to policing’.

Andre Thornton is being paid $150,000 to work as a ‘street czar’ to help the city with its problems with police and crime.

Also a self-described genius, when asked about his new job Thornton said, “Black people as a whole have not been in a place to be compensated for their genius or their work for a very, very long time.”

Antifa Candidate Ahead In Portland Polls

Ted Wheeler is the Mayor of Portland and is running for re-election in November.

A recent poll shows that a self-proclaimed Antifa, communist candidate is leading in the race for Portland’s mayor.  Wheeler was the top vote getter in the earlier primary but has been criticized for the way he has handled the rioting that shook Portland for over 100 straight nights this summer.

Sarah Innarone, who has proclaimed “I am Antifa”, is leading in the latest poll conducted by DHM research by over 10%. Innarone has been known to wear a skirt with pictures of Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Che Guevara to campaign events.

Just when you think things can’t get more radical or out of control in Portland, it seems that could be wrong.

Pelosi Shows Why We Need Term Limits

Nancy Pelosi just showed us that we are in dire need of term limits on politicians. She demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has forgotten that she works for the people, and that the people she is supposed to serve are more important than anything else.

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The Election, One Month Out (Part 1 of 3)

Human nature is such that we tend to believe that what we want to happen, will actually happen. In politics, that isn’t always the case. And especially in this charged, partisan and personal environment that is even more true as people’s passions, on both sides, are high and they can’t imagine their ‘guy’ losing.

However this a look at ‘the race’, at the electoral politics . One month out from the election on Nov. 3, this is how Thinking Man handicaps where things stand with just under thirty days to go.

This is the first in a series of three articles on the outlook for the election, with discussion on where things are, how they got here and what might happen in the last month of the campaign. The first in this series, below, will take a look at the presidential race:  President Donald Trump against former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Don’t Be An ‘Anti-Racist’

New buzz words or movements often spring up in the political world:  ‘politically correct’ is now ‘woke’, for example, and in the fight against racism, some are trying to promote a new ‘approach’ and so we have a new preferred term. Anti-racism, also known among proponents as ‘critical race or social justice theory’, is the latest.  

But when you have ‘anti-racists’ and white supremacists agree, you know that there is something unsavory going on.

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Restoring Checks And Balances

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is one of the most partisan members of Congress.  Indeed, he was one of the impeachment managers when the House of Representatives brought charges against President Trump earlier this year.

Schiff has recently proposed a series of wide-sweeping bills that is, however, worthy of consideration and support from both Democrats and Republicans.

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Equal Opportunity For Women, But Only Certain Women

Current Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett would seem to be the rare individual who does it all, the embodiment of the successful woman who has somehow managed to juggle multiple priorities and be good at each.

A former law clerk for Supreme Court icon Antonin Scalia, law professor at Notre Dame, US circuit judge and now a Supreme Court nominee, Barrett has climbed to the highest levels of her profession.

On top of a busy and successful legal career, she has a supportive marriage and is mother to seven children (two of whom are adopted). As she said when accepting the nomination, “Our children obviously make our life very full. While I am a judge, I’m better known back home as a room parent, carpool driver, and birthday-party planner.”

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Surely We Are Better Than This, Aren’t We?

In January 2019, two political scientists, Dr. Nathan Kilmae from LSU and Dr. Lilliana Mason of the Univ. of Maryland, published a study they had done on attitudes toward politics in the US, highlighted by attitudes that people have toward those that have different political views than they have themselves. The responses were disturbing and maybe even more so a year and a half later.

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