To Accept the Election, or Not To Accept the Election–That is The Question

Isn’t it ironic and deeply hypocritical of both major party candidates when we watch how they react to the election results? Hillary’s supporters protest and riot over the results, to the point of burning cop cars and trashing businesses, because of course they are concerned the violence that a Trump presidency will foster. And these are the same people that only a couple of weeks earlier said that Donald Trump was striking at American democracy itself when he said he wasn’t sure that he would accept the election results. But, not to be outdone, after saying he may not accept the results, Trump has now called the Cllinton campaign and their backers ‘ridiculous’ (and much more) for doing exactly what he said he might do. (as an aside, isn’t this a microcosm of what was the whole problem with the choices we had in this election?)

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