Updated: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

That seems to be the motto of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Though Michigan has eased a few restrictions, late last week Gov. Whitmer extended the state’s lock down guidelines through at least the middle of next month. During the announcement, she also reminded people against any non-essential travel.

Roughly 150 miles away, a dock owner was preparing for the holiday weekend and for residents to get outdoors on their boats, which had recently been allowed. As you can imagine, he was working feverishly as the combination of a long weekend and an easing of some of the lock down restrictions had many people ready to get out on their boats. And that included one gentleman who, when told that he would have to wait until the dock owner got to him because of the many people ahead of him, became irate.

The boat owner, Marc Mallory, pulled his ace card. “I am the husband of the Governor”, he told the dock master and insisted that his boat be ready to go when he wanted it.

It seems that either Gov. Whitmer and her family think of boating as ‘essential travel’ or she’s a hypocrite. You may decide for yourself.


The Majority Leader of the Michigan Senate, Mike Shirkey, posted on social media about the incident but deleted his post after he got a call from the Governor’s office, assuring him that the incident did not actually happen.

Yet, Governor Whitmer later held a press conference and said that the incident did happen but that her husband was making a joke. And then she went on to ask for compassion and understanding.

Understanding that her family thought her rules were for everyone but them?


It Has Happened-the Worst Possible Civil Liberties Issue

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