Travesty In Kenosha

Kenosha, Wisconsin District Attorney Michael Gravely announced late this afternoon that police involved in the August shooting of Jacob Blake will not be charged.

In the incident, which led to days of riots, police were responding to a domestic violence call and confronted Jacob Blake, a black man who ignored police warnings and instructions. As police tried to get him to stop so they could talk to him, Blake refused and continued to walk to his car. Blake opened the car door where a knife was visible and within reach (which Blake later confirmed was true). The officer shot Blake seven times in the back, leaving him paralyzed below the waist.

In a statement, the District Attorney said that the officer “felt he was about to be stabbed” and if the case were brought to court, they could not prove that the officer did not act in self-defense.

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Supreme Court Rules That New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Discriminates Against Religion

As we were preparing for our Thanksgiving celebrations, you may have missed a Supreme Court ruling in a case out of New York. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on attendance at churches and synagogues was unconstitutional.

That is the simple, and immediate issue, at hand. But the ruling was far more significant.

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Liberals for Segregation

You thought the battle over segregation was fought and won decades ago?  Apparently not.

The King County, WA (Seattle) has been holding employee ‘listening sessions’ to discuss racial equality. However, it seems that their view of ‘equal’ also means ‘separate but equal’ training. The library system hired consultants to run the sessions, which were held in racially segregated sessions.

The King County library in Washington State have been holding "separate but equal" training sessions for their employees, all in the name of social justice.

The consultants discovered widespread “institutional racism” in the library system but it’s unsure exactly what that means because, according to some participants, if employees reported “not experiencing or witnessing racism while working at KCLS” they were told they were likely suffering from the false consciousness of “internalized racism.”  In other words, they had experienced it but they just weren’t smart enough to know it.

Women & Equality Minister Calls Out BLM

UK’s black Women and Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch delivered a strong and clear condemnation of the Black Lives Matter movement and critical race theory on the floor of the House of Commons — saying such ideologies have no place in British schools and that she would oppose them in every way.

Her statement was unequivocal and clear on why she opposes the radicalism of the organization while supporting equality

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Don’t Be An ‘Anti-Racist’

New buzz words or movements often spring up in the political world:  ‘politically correct’ is now ‘woke’, for example, and in the fight against racism, some are trying to promote a new ‘approach’ and so we have a new preferred term. Anti-racism, also known among proponents as ‘critical race or social justice theory’, is the latest.  

But when you have ‘anti-racists’ and white supremacists agree, you know that there is something unsavory going on.

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The Biggest Barrier to Minority and Women Police Chiefs? Riots for Equality

As the country struggles with unequal application of justice and trying to find ways to make sure the law applies to call equally, one of the most often cited needs is for more minority police chiefs and leaders in police departments around the country that can better understand the issues involved and better relate to minority communities.

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Ruth Ginsberg, Stereotypes and Actions vs. Words

The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg yesterday has seen tributes pour in for this pioneering woman. Ginsberg spent much of her career breaking down barriers, culminating in her long term of public service as a Justice on the nation’s highest court.

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Courageous African-American Lawmaker Speaks Out

Tennessee State Representative John Deberry, a Democrat from Memphis, compared the current civil rights struggles to the struggles of the 1960’s. In doing so, he referenced his parent’s participation in the battles for equality during his younger years.

Below is an article talking about his speech before the TN Legislature. His message is important and worth hearing