TN State Senator Expelled For Felony Conviction. Her Explanation: Racism And Sexism

Tennessee State Senator Katrina Robinson was expelled from her position on Wednesday, the first time in history that an elected member of the Legislature was expelled from office.  This vote came after her conviction on federal wire fraud charges.

Speaking on Wednesday before the vote, Robinson claimed that the move was racist and misogynist and was a “procedural lynching”. She made no mention of the fact that she was now a convicted felon and could not even vote for herself in an election. Robinson took no responsibility for her actions, but repeatedly patted herself on the back for how she kept fighting through the discrimination towards her.

Unfortunately, this is a blatant example of what has become too common:  that people of a certain political leaning throw out charges of racism or sexism or some other discriminatory charge toward anyone who disagrees with them and for no other reason than that. Those who flippantly make such charges are dangerous, yes, dangerous.  With Holocaust Remembrance Day just last week, we are reminded how there is real discrimination and hatred in our world that we must fight when we find it. But when those become buzz words to use when you have no other argument to make and you are just desperately trying to lash out for your own selfish purposes, it diminishes the impact and over time becomes “the boy who cried wolf”.

Far Left Justice: Protect The Criminals

A Los Angeles judge sentenced a transgender sex offender who pled guilty to molesting a 10-year old girl on Thursday.

Judge Mario Barrera sentenced the child molester to two years in a juvenile facility (the maximum allowed for a juvenile facility) but not before criticizing liberal LA District Attorney George Gascon.

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Rittenhouse Verdict In Kenosha

This columnist has deliberately waited a while after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict to comment on anything related, because that trial and verdict has been so polarizing, and people just know the headlines and what they are told on social media.

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New York Sets Up Injection Locations-Not For Vaccines

New York City just opened a ‘Supervised Injection Site’ where drug addicts and go to shoot up and be sure that someone is there to make sure they do so safely, have new needles and do not accidently overdose.

So, said another way, New York City is making sure that people feel safe committing what is still a crime in New York City. There was a time in our society when that was called “aiding and abetting a crime”.

The Word “Looting” Is Racist?!

In the wake of several ‘incidents’ of organized smash and grab robberies across California this week, the San Diego police department said it would not use the word “looting” because that was a racist term, and would use the term “organized robberies” instead.

This Is How Progressive Justice Reform Looks

By now, we have all heard of the incident in Waukesha, WI where a man plowed his vehicle into a small town Christmas parade, killing six people and wounding over fifty others, some critically.

The defendant, Darrell Brooks Jr., has a long history of violent criminal activity going back years and involving multiple convictions in multiple states. In early November, he was arrested again on a domestic violence charge.

John Chisholm is the Milwaukee County District Attorney who has championed “progressive justice reform” and has widely bragged that he was an early leader in the movement. His office recommended $1000 bail for Brooks in his most recent violent crime charge and Brooks was released just last Friday, two days before he plowed into the parade….after reportedly fleeing another domestic violence dispute.

A felon with a long history of violent crime, let out on bail of $1000 (why was he allowed bail at all?!) and within 48 hours, that felon had been involved in another domestic violence dispute and using his vehicle for a mass murder.  THAT is progressive justice reform.

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