Electric Vehicles And California Dreaming

Last week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law that required all new cars to run on electricity or hydrogen by 2035.

Today, California Gov. Gavin Newsom asked all Californians not to charge any electric car because the summer hear was putting a strain on the state’s electrical grid and there would be anticipated outages.

Solar Power…Maybe Not Quite As ‘Green’

California has been in the forefront of the move for rooftop solar power. Beginning in 2006, the state, focused on how to incent people to take up solar power, provided large subsidies on homeowners who installed photovoltaic panels and, as a result, build up the largest solar market in the country.

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Let’s Be Honest and Admit It, Biden Wants Higher Gas Prices

This should not be a big secret, except that it is politically dangerous to say it so clearly. Yet, even a casual observer can see it and policy experts know it.

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Gas Prices Too High? Close More Pipelines

Gas prices have gone up roughly 75% in the past year. The Biden Administration’s solution? Close another pipeline that brings energy from Canada into Wisconsin and Michigan.

On Monday, a day after Energy Secretary Jennifer Granhom warned that Americans will have to pay more to heat their homes this winter, deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the Administration was studying closing of the pipeline.

Of course, all of this is part of the push to ‘green energy’. Force energy prices so high, that the move to other energy sources is no more expensive. In the mean time, we all pay more to heat our homes, more to drive our cars and more for everything that is delivered by truckers who will have no choice but to pass on those costs.

Answer To Supply Chain Problems: Buy Less?

The perspective on the supply chain problems from one extreme on the political spectrum is that we just need to buy less. The default among some leftist thinkers it that 1) the US is bad and 2) humans are the cause of most problems in the world. This is now playing out in suggesting that the problem with the supply chains are that we spend too much and buy too much. Yes, it will hurt jobs and, yes, it will cause the economy to decline, but doing with less is for the greater good. You don’t believe that someone would say (or think) that?

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When The Religion Of Climate Change Becomes Silly, And Then Dangerous

Climate change (the current, more politically correct term for global warming) has become a religion. You know when advocates will not entertain even any discussion of varying opinions, that science and objectivity have gone out the window and it has become a cult.  Such is the case with climate change.

Thinking Man has always felt that there are two important questions on the topic:  one being “Are global temperatures rising?” and “If so, is that caused by human action?”  Without getting into the broader discussion, we know there have been times in history that world temperatures-at least in Europe—have been as high or even higher than they are now, so each of those two questions are important.

But the real concern, as it would be for any person who thinks rather than blindly follows, is why people refuse even to discuss something, especially in colleges and universities where more than one professor has been ostracized or dismissed for questioning the effects of climate change. Isn’t that contrary to the “sifting and winnowing” of ideas that we value in academia, as the motto at my alma matter says?

That aside, when an idea is held up with religious-like zeal it becomes, at first, sort of silly and then it becomes dangerous.  We have seen both of those in the past week.

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The ‘Rest Of The Story’ On Supply Chain Woes

We have seen the headlines of supply chain problems, of an unprecedented number of ships offshore of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for days waiting to unload cargo because there are not enough trucks and drivers to pick up the cargo and take it to its destination.  Many of us have personally experienced the effects of some of these issues, and manufacturers are already telling people to shop early for Christmas because of expected shortages of certain items.

As it turns out, a labor shortage that means trucking companies cannot get enough drivers is only part of the problem. A large contributing factors are laws in California that have gone into effect in the last year or so, that are only now showing up because of the decreased demand last year during covid.

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Save Embarrassment And Avoid Making Predictions

President Biden said this past week that we are nearing a tipping point on climate change / global warming from which there could be no recovery and he has said it is an “existential threat”, imperiling our very existence.

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