Biden’s Uncoordinated Response

As the war in Ukraine enters its third month, the Biden Administration has shown once again that it is flying by the seat of its pants in responding to the Russian invasion.

However, first, we should give some credit as the Administration seems to have clearly helped prepare our allies to respond as a group and to respond strongly. It would be simply partisan not to acknowledge that Biden has played a role in that.

Yet, exactly how strongly to respond has been one of the things where Biden just cannot seem to make up his mind and reaction to the Russian invasion is somewhat haphazard and uncoordinated, as a result. Let us look at just a few examples, from before the invasion to as recently as this past weekend.

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Day Late And Dollar Short?

The United States announced today that it is sending $350 million in military aid, arms and ammunition, to Ukraine to help them in their defense against the Russian invasion. It is not clear how the equipment will be delivered to Ukraine’s military or when, although a Pentagon spokesman said it would be “very soon”.

While helping a democratic Ukraine fight an invasion from a ruthless Russian neighbor is a good thing, it also points out how terribly incompetent and poorly planned the US response has been. Why is the US now announcing it is sending more aid, three days after the invasion happened and as the Russian military is already fighting in the streets of the Ukrainian capital? Why didn’t this happen earlier, especially since President Biden said last week that US intelligence told him that the decision to invade was already made by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin? He didn’t think send the help then, when it could possibly keep Russia from overtaking the capital city? Or, at a minimum, have transport planes fueled and ready to go as soon as Russia invaded?

We cannot be sure if this incompetence, reminiscent of the fiasco we saw in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, comes from a US military that has become ineffective and poorly led or from the Biden Administration itself, or from both. However, the bottom line is that the most recent moves being taken by our military are poorly planned, poorly executed and send a message of weakness abroad, and increasing worry at home.

Today’s News Tidbits On The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Trump On Russian Invasion

Former President Donald Trump weighed on the Russian invasion of Ukraine yesterday during an interview on a radio show.  “This is genius.”  He went on, “….how smart is that? He’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. We could use that on our southern border. That’s the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen. There were more army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re gonna keep peace, all right.”

The former President seems to think that using force (and tanks) to invade a democratic country is “genius”.  You just have to say that you are starting a war to “keep peace”.

Enough said.

US Sanctions on Russia

The United States announced sanctions on Russia, including sanctions against two major Russian banks and against prominent individual Russians.

Because Vladimir Putin cares if his assets in the United States are frozen (does he have any?) and that he cannot transfer money outside of Russia? Yep, that will scare him.

UN Meets to Discuss Ukraine

The United Nations Security Council called an emergency meeting to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council and has veto power over anything the Security Council passes. In other words, nothing at all will happen.

It’s sort of like the UN Human Rights Commission, which has as members China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and two African countries where human slavery is still rampant. What kind of work does anyone think will get done to protect human rights?!

Ukrainian President Reaches Out

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that he tried to call the Kremlin and Russian President Putin to discuss peace, but Putin did not take nor return his call.

Putin Marching Again?

Russian President Putin said Thursday that the ‘sovereign” provinces had asked him to intervene to protect them from Ukraine.  After Russia’s invasion of these two provinces yesterday, is this an excuse that Putin will now use to invade the rest of Ukraine? And, if so, will that get another slap on the wrist from the international community?

Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Repeat It

Never has that phrase been more true than in the case of Russian aggression in the Ukraine and its other neighbors. Yesterday’s Russian invasion of part of the Ukraine was not only predictable but I can predict with a fair degree of certainty that similar things will happen again or it will take a war to stop it. Why? Because it has happened before.

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Risk Of War In Ukraine Rises

Russia has amassed 125,000 troops on the border of Ukraine, bringing back memories of 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine and occupied, then later annexed the Crimean region of that country.

Now, eight years later Ukraine is again facing threats from Russia. As we watch news video of Ukraine preparing and restocking bomb shelters built during the Cold War, reservists being called up and the US and NATO heads of state warning Russia against yet another invasion, we cannot help but ask how we got here?

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Quite Possibly The Worst (And Most Dangerous) Press Conference By A US President In History

On Wednesday, President Biden held a press conference where he spoke on a wide range of topics. One topic caused quite a stir, and understandably so as the President sent signals to diplomatic corps across Europe that got immediate reactions.

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Biden’s Olympic ‘Diplomatic Boycott’ Really Isn’t

China has forcibly relocated an estimated one million people of the Uyghur minority to forced labor camps and to “re-education” camps, in addition to reports of other abuses such as forced sterilization of women, and torture of those who resist “re-education”.

This is, of course, on top of other disturbing threats to international peace by the Chinese government, along with their cover-up of the details of the origins of the covid pandemic.

As calls grew louder for the US to boycott the Olympic games being held in Beijing, China next month, President Biden said he was not going to boycott the games but would impose a “diplomatic boycott” and that no member of his Administration would attend. The world gave a collective yawn.

Well…as it turns out, there are fifteen State Dept. officials that are going to the Games in China, as ‘security support’ (whatever that is?).  I guess as it turns out, the President didn’t really mean what he said about that stern “diplomatic boycott” after all.

Chinese Athlete Totally Changes Story-Why?

Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai over the weekend denied saying she was sexually assaulted, despite a November social media post attributed to her that accused a former top Communist Party official of forcing her into sex.

You may recall that she previously had accused Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, a high ranking member of the Chinese government and Communist Party official, of sexual assault. Since that time, the tennis star has been rarely seen and the World Tennis Association has been among the most vocal in asking about the well-being of their member and past Wimbledon champion.

With the upcoming Olympics in China, here is good example of how China treats human rights and also how it treats its athletes when they cross the government and the Communist Party. One more reminder of the many ways in which Communism is evil and China is dangerous.

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