Turkey-A NATO Member That’s Becoming Troubling

The President of Turkey has turned to outlawing journalists who speak against the government, and imprisoning political opponents. A move toward authoritarianism by a member of NATO is worrisome.

In an guest editorial, there also is a question as to why the President indulges the whims of the increasingly questionable government of Turkey.




Former GOP Senator, Author of ‘Conscience Of A Conservative’, Pens Editorial

Former Republican Senator, and current Harvard Fellow, Jeff Flake penned an editorial yesterday days after President Trump came out in favor of criminal charges of treason against one of his opponents in Congress and then tweeted that a ‘civil war’ like split would happen if he were removed from office.

The link to the editorial is below, so you can read it in its entirety. Especially if you are a conservative, it’s worth a read.

One noteworthy excerpt, as he addressed his former Republican colleagues in the Senate who may worry about a political backlash, he said  “Trust me when I say you can go elsewhere for a job. But you cannot go elsewhere for a soul.”



Silencing Differing Views

Increasingly in today’s United States, we see attempts to silence views of those with differing opinions. We find this especially true in college and universities. Where once the goal was to expose students to different viewpoints and teach them to apply rational thought to develop their own reasons for their beliefs,  the goal now is increasingly to teach them what to think and to prevent them from being exposed to anything different than the ‘doctrine’ pushed by academic rule-makers. Continue reading “Silencing Differing Views”

The Biggest Threat to Journalism in America

Most would agree that journalism in America is under assault, in some form or fashion. What is the biggest threat to the press, one of the vital freedom’s outlined in our Constitution?

In the article below, a link to an opinion piece, the author proposes a thought-provoking conclusion. Continue reading “The Biggest Threat to Journalism in America”

Guest blog: one of the most important this year

Periodically, Thinking Man’s Politics will feature guest bloggers, some of whom may hold opinions that differ-sometimes widely-from those of ‘Thinking Man’.  But it’s important not to live in a ‘echo chamber’ where we only want to hear people and things we already agree with.  Part of what makes us better, and makes us better able to defend our opinions, is to challenge ourselves from time to time, and to be open to opposing views even if we ultimately still don’t agree with them.

The blog entry below is taken from an article written by Connor Touhey, a budding journalist and current Opinion Editor of the University of Wisconsin’s Badger Herald.  The piece was written prior to the election but the message still holds and probably is even more important now than it was then.

He starts:  The election may be on the final lap, but the issues it’s unearthed prove we have miles to go Continue reading “Guest blog: one of the most important this year”

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