Key Qualification For Female Justices? Their Dress, Apparently

During the last election, when a member of the media would even mention in passing what Hillary Clinton was wearing, the outcry would be swift and sure:  only women are judged by their appearance and its discriminatory to have that be a focus. Fair point.

Yet, it’s so interesting that all that changes when the woman being spoken of is not considered a liberal.

Such is the case in the first day of hearings on Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Justice Barrett is a law school professor and current Federal Judge, and is a judge whose record is one that defers to the legislature, meaning that she interprets laws and believes that laws are to be made my elected representatives, which is different than the philosophy of liberal jurists.

Since all bets are off when a woman doesn’t have the certain required beliefs, liberal columnist Alaina Demopoulo wrote a whole article about Justice Barrett’s dress-a whole article. She contrasted Barrett’s dress with the dresses of the Democratic Senators. 

“Barrett’s dress made a statement. So did the Democratic women lawmakers at the hearing.   Senators Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Mazie K. Hirono, and Amy Klobuchar all wore bright      blue blazers, the color of their party.”

Barrett wore a pink dress. 

“It was a pretty dress, maybe even stylish… Her outfit radiates a maternal warmth, an easy comfort. It masks the harm she has the potential to enable once confirmed against women, LGBTQ people, all of those with Obamacare, and victims of voter suppression.”

“The dress labored overtime to quell certain fears.”

You can get all that from a dress?!

But more importantly, how was dress linked to qualifications. What value did that lend to the discussion on whether Barrett has been a good Federal judge or would make a good justice for the Supreme Court? And if it was sexist to talk about Hillary Clinton’s appearance, why isn’t it sexist to focus on Amy Barrett’s appearance?

Well, frankly, we know the answer. Because the standards don’t apply when the woman involved isn’t a liberal. A woman who does not follow the pre-determined stereotype is to be opposed by any and all means. Even if it means doing the exact things you said you opposed….because the ends justify any means, apparently.

Equal Opportunity For Women, But Only Certain Women

Current Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett would seem to be the rare individual who does it all, the embodiment of the successful woman who has somehow managed to juggle multiple priorities and be good at each.

A former law clerk for Supreme Court icon Antonin Scalia, law professor at Notre Dame, US circuit judge and now a Supreme Court nominee, Barrett has climbed to the highest levels of her profession.

On top of a busy and successful legal career, she has a supportive marriage and is mother to seven children (two of whom are adopted). As she said when accepting the nomination, “Our children obviously make our life very full. While I am a judge, I’m better known back home as a room parent, carpool driver, and birthday-party planner.”

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(More) Pandemic Hypocrisy

The most recent examples of hypocrisy and the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mindset of lawmakers:

Hypocrisy in San Francisco

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was back in her home in San Francisco, after she declared a recess/vacation for the House. In California, the Governor has issued rules that including requiring barbershops and hair salons to remain closed.

Leaked security camera video from a San Francisco salon shows Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done and, as she does, she is walking around the salon without wearing a mask.

This morning, when asked about it, Pelosi said that she didn’t know the salon was supposed to be closed. Which is surprising that anyone wouldn’t know that, given how much it’s in the news and that she has publicly advocated for strong steps against the pandemic. Oh, and the fact that the Governor of California is also a relative.

Don’t insult our intelligence by lying about it, too, Nancy.

UPDATE: After the controversy that ensued from Pelosi being called out, and after she changed her story a couple of times today, she said that she wouldn’t say more but that she took “…full responsibility for falling for a set up.” 

Asked how she was set up, Pelosi bristled, asking reporters, “Do you have any questions about how people are dying?” Well, Nancy, from what you said before it was because people weren’t following guidelines and weren’t wearing masks.

NY Gov. Cuomo’s Hypocrisy (again-this is becoming habit)

After having the highest number of deaths in the nation, and a death rate more than double the national average, New York’s Governor and New York City’s Mayor have issued executive orders to try to stem the tide of the pandemic that have been issues of controversy because of their wide reach. Among the orders, both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have required any traveler from most of the country outside the state to quarantine for 14 days and to not leave their residence or hotel. De Blasio has asked the police to enforce it, and requires travelers to carry papers on their quarantine status and penalties ranging up to $10,000 and jail time.

But if you are rich and famous, they are willing to make an exception.

That requirement, however, will not apply to celebrities traveling to New York City for the Video Music Awards later this week. Both Cuomo and de Blasio have agreed to exempt everyone involved in the VMA production from the rules that would result in fines and jail time for anyone else who violated the strict guidelines.

So, you see, the guidelines aren’t really applicable for those that make them or for any of their friends. They only apply to the ‘peasants’ who can’t be trusted to know what’s good for them. When it’s inconvenient for the rich and famous, they can just be ignored.

Besides, we can be confident that many of the people involved in the VMA’s will be sure to show their appreciation with a campaign contribution come next election time.

Just More Examples

Much like the case of the Governor of Michigan, who announced at a press conference days before the Memorial Day weekend that people should not travel and should abide by the lock down restrictions, at the same time her husband was calling to get their boat ready so they could travel to a resort four hours away, these two recent cases show the hypocrisy of those that are making the rules.

And really this is not new. We often see people who make rules ‘for our own good’ (because we can’t be trusted to know our own good) believe that the rules are for everyone but themselves. They don’t want to be bound by the rules they make. They want you to. And, to be honest, we let them do it and continue in their arrogance by letting them stay in office.

Shocking Revelation: Portland’s Refusal To Prosecute Crime Results In More Crime

Portland has endured nights of riots and violence lasting for months straight. Now, law enforcement is refusing to send help. Why would that be?

UPDATE: Portland Mayor Wheeler has decided that he is moving after rioters came to his home and rioted over the weekend, smashing windows and throwing Molotov cocktails into the stores on the first floor of his condo complex.  Amazing how the elitist politicians react when it’s THEIR homes that are threatened.

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CNN Contributor Doesn’t Like Her Standards Applied To Her

CNN Contributor and Senior Lecturer at Yale, Asha Rangappa, doesn’t like when people correct her. And she threatens them when they do. Continue reading “CNN Contributor Doesn’t Like Her Standards Applied To Her”

Things That Make You Go “Hmmm….”

Protests For Mail-In Voting

Last week, a group estimated at just over a hundred people gathered to protest for mail-in voting, suggesting that during the pandemic that in-person voting was too dangerous.

So If I am following, a hundred people all got together in person to say that in person voting is dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed?

Immigration Highlighted At DNC

At this past week’s Democratic National Convention, one of the highlighted segments was regarding immigration and, specifically, the case of Alejandra Juarez.

The funny thing about her case, which wasn’t highlighted of course, was that she tried to sneak across the border originally in 1998 and was deported by the Clinton Administration. She sneaked into the country again, contrary to the requirements of her deportation order, and was caught  during a traffic stop in 2013 and turned over to the Federal government due to the earlier order. The Obama Administration held her and began deportation processing and the case has dragged on until 2018, when she was deported in accordance with the charges filed when she was taken into custody in 2013.

Pro Athlete: “I Can Do What I Want For My Beliefs, But Fans Can’t”

MSL soccer has started its season and at yesterday’s game in Dallas, the players kneeled during the anthem.  Fans reacted and booed. FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon was not happy and said so in a press conference following the game.

“You’ve got fans booing you for people taking a stand for what they believe in. How disgraceful is that? For lack of a better word, it pissed me off”, said Cannon.

Because you see, Cannon thinks that players should be able to express themselves but that when fans express themselves and ‘stand for what they believe in’, they are disgusting.

Yep, that makes sense.

Protest Agenda Now Anti-Christianity?

The protests over social justice have, for some time now, turned to riots that have little or nothing to do with equality. We see that more and more. Rioters have attacked federal buildings, random businesses, police stations and police officers and looted in the very underprivileged neighborhoods that they were supposedly trying to support. This weekend, they found a new target: Bibles.

A video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows rioters in Portland holding Black Lives Matter signs tossing Bibles into a fire. Bystanders stood and watched as the flames burned the stack of the books.

There was a time that ‘radicals’ protested against book burning. Of course, when they are the ones choosing to burn the books, it’s different apparently. And one can’t help but notice which book they deemed most offensive and chose to burn.



New York Times Against Free Speech (Again)

Last month, a New York Times editorial page editor was forced to resign because (gasp) he actually ran an editorial from a conservative US Senator, Tom Cotton.

In the latest incident,  staff editor and writer Bari Weiss announced her resignation earlier this week, decrying the newspaper’s workplace culture as “hostile” toward staffers who hold anything other than far left ideologies. Continue reading “New York Times Against Free Speech (Again)”