The Comedy of (or that is) Maxine Waters (again)

The undisputed champion of “How many crazy things can you say?” among political office holders, reminding us once again why she  holds that title:

Hypocrisy in Media–But Does Anyone Doubt That Anymore?

The Huffington Post, the liberal magazine which has wide circulation in those political circles, last week published an article from a South African blogger entitled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” In the article, Shelly Garland argues that white men should not be allowed to vote and only then could the ills in society be changed and justice prevail. At first, Thinking Man thought it must be some joke to catch headlines but reading further the author doesn’t shrink from the scandalous headlines. Continue reading “Hypocrisy in Media–But Does Anyone Doubt That Anymore?”

More On Increasing Bias in Pop Culture and the Media

Related to the post above, here is a link to a recent editorial in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel talking about the double standard that we find in a growing number of areas of society.


In Favor of Free Speech? At Wellesley College, You Could Get Hurt for That

One can hardly miss the news reports over recent months of speakers on college campuses being shut down by protests, in several cases violent protests. At the University of California-Berkeley, a professor who disagreed with the speaker but who felt the speaker should be allowed to speak was bloodied in the process. Just this year, there are several institutions of higher learning that cancelled controversial speakers because of protests who desired to shut down any opposing speech. Many, such as Berkeley, once promoted freedom of speech for even the most radical of ideas.

The latest in the string of anti-free speech attacks came from Wellesley College.   The editors of the campus paper, the Wellesley News last week did not attempt to be so subtle in their attack on free speech and summed up the attack on the First Amendment sweeping America’s campuses. Continue reading “In Favor of Free Speech? At Wellesley College, You Could Get Hurt for That”

Love Trumps hate?

Among the rising wave of paranoia since the election is this bit, one example of several, from the Washington DC area…

In an online ad for a roommate in Georgetown, 23-year old Sahar Khan wrote: “Alcohol, pets and meat products are not allowed…Neither are Trump supporters.”

In an interview she said she wasn’t being, as the interviewer asked “a bit intolerant”. She also insisted that she was not discriminating based on “political differences” and that she wouldn’t “drill” potential housemates on their political beliefs, she just didn’t want someone who supported Trump as a roommate.

One can only hope that the new national health plan that is to be proposed will have generous mental health benefits.


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