US Strikes and Iran’s Response

Earlier this week, the United States fired a missile which killed the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani. Less reported, but almost as significant, is that the missile also killed the leader of the largest militia group in Iraq with whom Soleimani was meeting.

Immediately after the strikes, politics stepped in and bitter partisans started making comments, issuing press releases either saying the missile strike was the greatest thing ever or that it was the first step toward World War III.  With a couple of days perspective, the situation and the responses have become a bit clearer, as has all the political posturing back and forth

And as usual, the truth is more nuanced. Continue reading “US Strikes and Iran’s Response”

Turkey Continues Drift Away From Its NATO Allies

Turkey is a country that is not often in the news in the US. Although it has been a NATO ally since 1951, two years after the alliance’s founding, in recent years the country’s President has taken Turkey down a path that is troubling and is growing even more so.

Turkey shares a border with both Russia and Syria, so it is strategically located and played a critical role during the Cold War. It is the only Muslim-majority country in NATO but has historically had a secular government that has respected freedoms, honored democratic institutions and whose policies have been driven by national interest rather than by religion. Continue reading “Turkey Continues Drift Away From Its NATO Allies”

Totalitarian Countries Use Technology To Oppress

Not to be outdone by its neighbor China, Russia is turning to cell phones to track its citizens as well. Russia now requires that anyone using a cell phone download an app that allows the government to track individuals and their activity. The former Communist country, now run Vladimir Putin who was a former KGB agent—the Communist Party’s secret police, still does what it can to control its citizens.