Biden Begins Quickly To Shape Foreign Policy-Unfortunately

In Honor of Holocaust Remembrance…

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, reminding us of the price 6 million Jews paid for the crime of being Jewish. In an historic event, the day was acknowledged in Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain for the first time after each of these Arab Muslim nations signed peace deals with Israel in the last few months

On Tuesday, the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day, Biden’s acting United Nations Ambassador Richard Mills announced to the UN that the US would renew relations with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and would also reopen the PLO Mission in Washington DC  The Trump administration cut off most U.S. assistance to the Palestinians due to Palestinian leadership financially rewarding terrorists and their families, and ordered the PLO Mission closed in October 2018.

The strategy of refusing to run all peace negotiations through the PLO proved historically successful, with four Muslim majority nations recognizing and signing peace accords with Israel in the last 6 months.  John Kerry, President Obama’s Secretary of State infamously said he would never work with any Arab nation without including the PLO. When President Biden announced that he was nominating John Kerry to be a part of his cabinet, fears rose that there would be a move away from a Middle East policy that produced historic agreement and peace. It appears that move is taking place even faster than feared.

This Is Human Rights?

President Biden is considering rejoining and renewing funding for the UN Human Rights Council, which was discontinued under the Trump Administration. The Human Rights Council, as you would guess, is tasked with monitoring basic human rights around the world.  Current members include Cuba, Russia and China (who, by the way, has shipped hundreds of thousands of Uyghur people to forced labor camps). So in what universe does this sound like a good idea and a way to promote human rights?!

Attacks On Capitol Hurt US Abroad, As Well

The shameful display of the riots that attacked our seat of government and our lawmakers gave America’s enemies an opportunity: China compared the riots to Hong Kong protests. Russia, Iran & Venezuela all mocked America. Zimbabwe argued the US lost its “moral right to punish another nation under the guise of upholding democracy.”

Lesson To Be Learned

Earlier this week, the United Kingdom (UK) shared information that a new strain of the covid virus had been found in a patient there.  As a precautionary measure, several countries banned flights from the UK until they could understand what that might mean for controlling an outbreak (as an aside, it appears that the new strain should not affect new vaccines and, hopefully, all of the concern is from an abundance of caution).

Contrast that behavior with China, where the Communist Party-led government covered up the initial outbreak early on, and actually arrested and imprisoned a doctor who talked about it publicly last December. We now know that China denied the problem, long after the outbreak in their country, and when word did leak out, they denied that the virus could be transmitted to humans. As a result, the world was months behind in preparing to meet the threat that China hid from the world. Tens of millions of infected people, over a million deaths and tens of trillions in economic devastation worldwide later, and we are still battling.

What would have happened if China had acted like the United Kingdom, and shared all the information they had as soon as they knew it, even if it meant they might suffer economically as a result. We probably won’t ever know but we do know that the UK is a responsible member of the world community and China is willing to risk everyone and everything else to save face.

At the end of the day, the world must make China pay. Not only for its cover-up, but for its negligence. Covid-19 is not the first time, or the second time that a deadly virus has been unleashed on the world from within its borders. Remember the bird flu, swine flu and SARs?  All from China. Even if we don’t think there was any deliberate intention, at a very minimum it is gross negligence on its health and food safety rules. What if that negligence came from a company instead of China? The federal government would go after them in an unrelenting fashion for gross negligence. Why should China be any different? We should start negotiating on a settlement between China and the rest of the world, including the US. If they don’t agree after a reasonable time, we should seize assets in this country as compensation. Such deadly and repeated negligence and cover-up cannot be allowed to happen.

(Communism is evil and China is still dangerous)

Weekend Quick Takes

After what was hopefully a good (covid) Christmas for everyone, here is the holiday weekend edition of quick takes. A wide range of items in the news, some of which are particularly unusual and interesting. A question worth asking on the pandemic relief bill, money in politics and the Chinese military in Canada?!

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Weekend Quick Takes

A Menorah in the United Arab Emirates?

A few months ago, who would even have imagined?! After a recent peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israeli tourists have made the UAE a favorite destination and, in return, a menorah is displayed in the capital’s shopping area to welcome their new Jewish friends.

What a wonderful holiday gift to the world, and especially those in the Middle East.

New York Times Pulls Podcast-Story Was Made Up

Once one of the nation’s most respected media outlets, the New York Times has become somewhat of a laughing stock. Over the last several years, it has had to retract articles that weren’t true, fire reporters who just made up stories and has had to fend off charges that it’s reporting has become dominated by ‘politically correct’ opinion more than being a reflection of journalistic standards.

This week, the Times has had another embarrassing incident that again shows the laziness of its journalists and editors to corroborate information. The paper had been running a podcast series, call Caliphate, about a Canadian who had joined ISIS, had fought with the terrorist group in Syria and had become one of its executioners, and then had returned to Canada.

As it turns out, the Times has had to withdraw the podcast because the subject of the series had never joined ISIS and had made up all of the things it had told the paper.  Oops

A New Hope For Peace

One of the more amazing things in the last couple of months, and encouraging to the whole world, are the growing prospects for widespread peace in the Middle East.

The leaders of Egypt and Israel won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978 after a deal brokered by President Jimmy Carter led to Egypt agreeing to recognize Israel and the two nations establishing normal relations. In the intervening 40+ years, little progress has been made on bringing peace to the Middle East by any nation or US President, Republican or Democrat.

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World Meteorological Organization Issues Environmental Report

Ardent environmentalists were aghast when the US announced that it would pull out of the Paris Climate Accord a couple (and you have to call it an ‘Accord’ because it wasn’t a ‘treaty’, otherwise President Obama would have had to get approval from Congress and he didn’t do that).

Despite significant flaws, such as having absolutely no restrictions on China or India for their release of greenhouse gases or carbon emissions, environmentalists said that the US pulling out was ‘an existential crisis’, a crisis that literally put human existence at risk.

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Women & Equality Minister Calls Out BLM

UK’s black Women and Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch delivered a strong and clear condemnation of the Black Lives Matter movement and critical race theory on the floor of the House of Commons — saying such ideologies have no place in British schools and that she would oppose them in every way.

Her statement was unequivocal and clear on why she opposes the radicalism of the organization while supporting equality

Image result for MP Kemi Badenoch
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