Biden Pledges Money For Climate ‘Reparations’

Last week, President Biden said that the US would give $1 billion to countries to pay for our part in the ‘climate crisis’. Apparently to apologize for being a developed country, with a successful economy and a high standard of living, the President is going to give away money to others to help them recover. (Of course, it is the fact that we have a successful economy that we can even offer to give money away, but that must be beside the point.)

And in what has become routine in these international agreements, the world’s second biggest and most developed country—China-does not have to pay and has not committed to any targets. 

Biden Administration Backs US Paying Climate Reparations

Countries of the world are to meet in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh in mid-November to talk about the ‘climate crisis’ and one of the main items on the agenda is money. President Biden’s ‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry will attend and represent the US. You remember John Kerry, the rich former Senator who infamously flew in his private jet to Iceland for a previous meeting on the need to reduce carbon emissions and to receive an award for batting climate change?

Kerry is backing a proposal by a large group of mostly Third World countries that would have developed nations pay reparations for being developed and ‘causing’ the climate problems of the world. (Of course China, the current largest carbon emitter would be excluded). Discussions are that these reparations would be in the trillions of dollars (yes, with a ‘T’ and plural)

That begs the question that how would developed countries pay all that money to these poor countries if they did not use all that energy and fuel to run the factories and fuel the economy?

Who Is The Greatest Danger In The World?

If we are talking about immediate danger, that is Russia. They are openly aggressive, have waged war against their neighbors in 2008. 2014 and now have invaded Ukraine and are battling there for no reason other than to gain back territory lost when Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union.

If we are talking about the longer term danger, threat to international peace and to the strategic the position of the United States, that is China.

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Putin Doubles Down

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that peace talks with Ukraine were at a “dead end”. He said that the Russian military invaded to protect the Russian-speaking people in the Donbas region of Ukraine and that the war will “continue until its full completion and the fulfillment of the tasks that have been set,” 

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, took issue with Putin’s claims: “Russia claimed their goal in is to ‘protect people in Donbas.’ Right now mobile crematoria are burning people’s bodies in Mariupol, the second largest city of the region. Those who survived are dying from starvation. What are you ‘protecting’ them from? From life?”

US Lawmakers for Putin

As hard as it is to comprehend, there are US lawmakers that seem to be ok with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of neighboring democratic country, Ukraine.

At the end of the day, issues of war and conquest through the use of military force are the ‘big’ issues in the world. Almost all other things pale in comparison. How can anyone still support these people?

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Biden Refuses To Stop Importing Russian Oil

If we really want to support Ukraine, oppose Russia and believe Putin is evil, why does President Biden refuse to say we will stop importing Russian oil? That is the only thing they export and from which they get money.

For that matter, we can talk about short-sighted policy and lack of thinking ahead…why would a nation voluntarily go from being energy independent to having to rely on others for energy without / before having another alternative?!

If we hadn’t made that move, we wouldn’t have to worry about whether refusing to buy Russian oil would drive up prices too much and we wouldn’t have to beg Saudi Arabia to pump more oil, as we did last week.

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