Chinese Nationals Arrested For Industrial Espionage

Last week, the government issued an 11-count indictment for two people accused of industrial espionage and trying to steal data on corona virus research for China. LI Xiaoyu, 34, and Dong Jiazhi, 33, are accused of targeting high-tech, medical, pharma, engineering, business and other sectors in the US, Australia, and several other countries, with the backing of the Chinese government. Continue reading “Chinese Nationals Arrested For Industrial Espionage”

WHO Changes Its Story (Again)

The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to flounder and lose what little credibility it  has left. It’s been under fire for the handling of the coronavirus pandemic and for helping China cover up the outbreak originally. China delayed reporting the outbreak and by doing so, helped cause the spread and subsequent lock downs worldwide. WHO also agreed with China as late as mid-January, and said that the virus could not be spread between humans.

Most recently, WHO stumbled when it released a statement saying that masks did not significantly stop the spread of the virus. The very next day, they changed their position again and said that they hadn’t changed from their original position on wearing masks.

And now WHO has gone back and changed its explanation of how it found out about the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China. It had said that Chinese authorities alerted them to the outbreak but WHO has changed its story, and now says that staff at its offices in China found out through internet reports.

So which is it? Was China forthcoming and cooperative or did they not even tell the World Health Organization there was an outbreak? We don’t know. We probably won’t ever know, because the World Health Organization changes what it says routinely. How are we ever to trust its competence and know that our money is well spent?

UN Human Rights Group Supports China’s Crackdown On Human Rights

The United Nations Human Rights Commission, of which China recently became a member (which should tell you enough right there) debated a new law passed by China reinforcing its rule over Hong Kong, a law that has formed the basis of the communist regime’s latest crackdown on the people of Hong Kong.

The law criminalizes anti-government movements, and targets pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong who have demonstrated against Beijing’s assaults on freedoms in the territory — which is supposed to be ruled on the principle of “one country, two systems.” based on a treaty with Great Britain which gave Hong Kong back to China some years ago.

After the debate 52 counties, lead by China and Cuba, came out in the support of the new law. Opposing it were Great Britain and 25 other countries.

(One more reason why we shouldn’t rely on international organizations to take moral stands.)



A Ray of Sunshine in Seemingly Dark World

(I have borrowed heavily from several news reports and pictures from Britain for this story of hope)

A story that has captured a hopeful, valiant, inspiring moment in a troubled Britain, and troubled world — reports and pictures of a Black Lives Matter protester hoisting an injured man, suspected of being a radical counter-demonstrator, onto his shoulder to extricate him from a violent melee near Waterloo Bridge. Continue reading “A Ray of Sunshine in Seemingly Dark World”

International Quick Takes

In international news this week…

Iran Just Outlawed child abuse. No, Really.

Iran just passed a law making child abuse illegal after the country was shocked by news of a father who beheaded his 14-year old daughter. Reza Ashrafi was beheaded by her own father, who had reportedly consulted a lawyer before killing her and was told that he could only be prosecuted under a much lesser law and that there was no law specifically protecting children from abuse by their parents.

“It’s the first time in Iran’s legal framework that harming a child is defined as a crime,” said Hadi Ghaemi, the executive director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran, an independent organization based in New York.

It’s as important to remember, that the United Nations has previously appointed Iran to the Human Rights Commission.  So child abuse was not illegal but they were appointed to help monitor human rights around the world? And THAT is one more example of why we should never allow our decisions to be made by international organizations.

WHO Can’t Figure Out What to Say

The World Health Organization (WHO) just can’t get out of its own way, it seems.  So in the last two weeks, it has changed its guidelines on wearing masks. But, they apparently decided that they can do even better than that and have changed their stance on how Covid-19 is spread twice in 24 hours.

In what seemed to be a significant step in understanding how the virus can be spread, WHO announced yesterday that there is very low risk of asymptomatic people spreading the disease to others. This morning, they ‘walked that back’ which is PR-speak for “yeah, we should never have said that”.

A WHO spokesperson said that there are cases of transmission by asymptomatic people and WHO did not mean to change its recommendations on policy.

Do they check with each other before they decide to issue a statement or do they just spin a wheel and someone makes a major announcement?

China Knows Why There Are Protests. Just Ask Them

China Has Found the Source of US Protests

And on the topic of state-sponsored media and propaganda organs, the Global Times (the unofficial organ for the Chinese Communist Party) has figured out where all the protests in the US have come from and how they originated.

In a piece written by the editor, he said “I highly suspect that Hong Kong rioters have infiltrated American states…. Attacking police stations, smashing shops, blocking roads, breaking public facilities, these are all routine in their protests. Vicious HK rioters obviously are mastermind of violent protests across the U.S.”

Socialism and TV Services, Venezuelan Style

Venezuelan authorities have detained three DirecTV executives.  Why? Because the US-owned television service decided to shut operations in the South American country due to US sanctions, their lawyer said Friday.

“I hope there is justice in this country,” Carlos Villamizar, vice president of strategy for DirecTV, told reporters before surrendering himself. A warrant was issued for him and two other DirecTV executives, Hector Rivero and Rodolfo Carrano.

The Venezuela government required DirecTV to air two government-backed propaganda channels, which violated US sanctions and so the company made the decision to stop operating and have their executives leave the country. But in Venezuela, you can’t just decide those things. So the three were arrested and all of DirecTV’s property and equipment was seized by the government.