The Same Medicine For All?

The current pandemic is something which none of us has ever experienced. Originating in China late last year, the deadly virus has spread across the world. More communicable and deadly than SARs and H1N1 Swine Flu, which also originated in China, the coronavirus has brought the world to its knees because of its rapid spread and because we know so little about it.

In the United States, just over a third of all deaths have been in New York City. Over half of the deaths in the country have been in New York and neighboring New Jersey.  Yet most of the country is sheltered at home, non-essential businesses have been closed and job losses just in the last three weeks have topped 15 million. Most of the country has imposed the same rules as there are in New York and New Jersey, and some have asked why, in those areas that haven’t imposed the rules, they aren’t forced to do so. Continue reading “The Same Medicine For All?”

China Tries to Spin the Pandemic to Gain Influence

The last decade has seen China use its growing economy to expand its influence around the globe. It has been a conscious, announced policy to use loans to foreign government, build highways and hospitals and invest in companies all over the globe to build goodwill, influence and set itself up for global expansion.

The article below talks about how the current pandemic seems to be another way that the Chinese government hopes to ‘spin’ the crisis, which actually began in China, to a way to further its influence. China is making big publicity out of shipping health supplies to other countries to help fight the pandemic started by its poor sanitation laws (though in the US, most of the testing kits that China sent proved to be inaccurate).

Feel the Bern–the (extreme) Radicalism of Bernie Sanders

After winning this weekend’s Nevada caucuses, Bernie Sanders has become the Democratic front-runner for their nomination for President. Sanders describes himself as a socialist and proposes to totally do away with the capitalist system. He has proposed increases public spending by over $92 trillion over the next ten years (while only proposing roughly $25 trillion in new revenue to pay for it, as an aside). So the fact that he represents the very left-wing of the Democratic Party is no surprise.

But most people would be very surprised at exactly how radical he really is, and has been for his whole adult life. Continue reading “Feel the Bern–the (extreme) Radicalism of Bernie Sanders”

When Supreme Court Justices Don’t Fit Their Mold

If you remember the last confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, you will remember the uproar that his nomination meant that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) would be packed with Trump nominees that would march in lock-step and would radically alter the balance of power.

An editorial from USA Today, a fairly consistently liberal newspaper, shared details of a study that showed quite the opposite. Continue reading “When Supreme Court Justices Don’t Fit Their Mold”

Progressive Liberalism and Religion

One of the recent hallmarks of ‘progressive liberalism’ is a strong reaction to Christianity-not just indifference to religion but an almost visceral anti-Christian view . Though many may claim that’s not true, one need only look at recent criticisms of things that not long ago were very common in American society. Two senators have criticized judicial nominees simply because they were members of mainstream Christian religions, and the Vice President’s wife is lambasted because she took a part-time job as a teacher at a private Christian school.

Author David French writes in the National Review about the rise of anti-Christian attitudes. His article gives insight into the rise of sentiment that should trouble us, not just those who may be religious or Christians, but those who value freedom of thought and constitutional protections.

A link to the article is here. It is worth the read.

More On Increasing Bias in Pop Culture and the Media

Related to the post above, here is a link to a recent editorial in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel talking about the double standard that we find in a growing number of areas of society.


Sen. Marco Rubio on How We Talk Politics

In the current political environment, where we seem to have…well, lost our collective minds or at least our ability to be civil, Sen. Marco Rubio gave a speech on the floor of the Senate that is worth taking the eight or so minutes to listen to in its entirety. Continue reading “Sen. Marco Rubio on How We Talk Politics”