Hypocrisy: Two Groups Are Regulars And Here Is The Latest

A common theme on Thinking Man’s Politics is that of hypocrisy. Unlike much of today’s political environment, a person who thinks often understand most viewpoints, whether you may agree or not. And someone who thinks, rather than just repeats soundbites, does not always align with one political party. However, one thing that makes no sense but which we come across too often is hypocrisy among the political elites.

Over time, it has become obvious that two groups you can count on for regular contributions to stories of hypocrisy—and there is no doubt that this will get many angry, because they just won’t admit that “their guy” is ever wrong.  Yet the two groups who seem to always rise to the top of the ‘Hypocrisy List’ are governors who ignore their own covid mandates and the Trump family (yes, pretty much the whole clan).

The latest is Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to the former President, who recently appeared as a guest on Fox News talking about the situation in Afghanistan. One commentator mentioned that the Biden Administration was working with the Taliban to secure safe passage for Americans.  Trump jumped in, saying that Biden was negotiating with terrorist and that President Trump would never do that.

Of course, President Trump is the one that actually negotiated the Afghanistan withdrawal agreement with the Taliban and in Sept. 2019 President Trump himself announced that he had plans to meet with the Taliban at Camp David, of all places, until he cancelled it after a Taliban attack on American forces.

Don’t you hate it when history gets in the way of a good tirade?

Dumbest Thing You’ve Heard All Day…Or Maybe Ever

On Tuesday, CNN reporter Devan Cole made a statement that may be one of the dumbest things you have heard lately…or ever.

In a ‘news story’ about transgender teens in sports, Cole said “​It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth.” Really. Not only did a person actually say that, but someone who supposedly has a college degree but somehow missed the whole part about the birds and the bees and the X and Y chromosomes.

May we just say that however many pennies he draws in salary each year, is roughly 100 percent more than his abilities are worth. And we should add that CNN has now lost what little credibility they had left.

Lawmaker Dies, Liberal Journalists Celebrate

It’s no surprise to anyone that our political environment has become very partisan and very polarized. The days of someone like Ronald Reagan, who could be friends with political opponents and even compromise to get things done, seem a thing of the past.

But it is appalling when we find people who hope for harm or hurt to the people they disagree with, or who celebrate the death of another human simply because they didn’t like their opinions. Are we really not better than this?!

Such was the case when Luke Letlow, a Congressman from Louisiana, who died earlier this week from complications of covid-19 and left behind a family that included two small children. The link below is to an article that talks about the reaction of certain journalists from ‘The Daily Beast’ and ‘Vox’, who clearly are consumed by hate for anyone that disagrees. And it speaks to their employers that they allow this vitriol.


Weekend Quick Takes

A Menorah in the United Arab Emirates?

A few months ago, who would even have imagined?! After a recent peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israeli tourists have made the UAE a favorite destination and, in return, a menorah is displayed in the capital’s shopping area to welcome their new Jewish friends.

What a wonderful holiday gift to the world, and especially those in the Middle East.

New York Times Pulls Podcast-Story Was Made Up

Once one of the nation’s most respected media outlets, the New York Times has become somewhat of a laughing stock. Over the last several years, it has had to retract articles that weren’t true, fire reporters who just made up stories and has had to fend off charges that it’s reporting has become dominated by ‘politically correct’ opinion more than being a reflection of journalistic standards.

This week, the Times has had another embarrassing incident that again shows the laziness of its journalists and editors to corroborate information. The paper had been running a podcast series, call Caliphate, about a Canadian who had joined ISIS, had fought with the terrorist group in Syria and had become one of its executioners, and then had returned to Canada.

As it turns out, the Times has had to withdraw the podcast because the subject of the series had never joined ISIS and had made up all of the things it had told the paper.  Oops

Arrogance Of The Media

As if it wasn’t already apparent, the elites in the media continue to provide examples of their extreme arrogance and their belief that their profession entitles them to do anything they want.

The most recent example comes from Los Angeles, where days ago video shows two police officers sitting in their car outside a train station when a person walked up to the car and shot both officers.

One of the officers was able to call for help and both were rushed to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, where a mob had gathered and was blocking the entrance while chanting “Let them die. Let them die.”

Police arrested one protester who refused to move from the entrance after ordered to do so.

It’s at this point that NPR station KPCC reporter Josie Huang decided she would insert herself to get a story (NPR—a taxpayer funded station, for reference). Continue reading “Arrogance Of The Media”

A New Low In US ‘Protests’

Last night, two police officers were ambushed in Los Angeles. Video shows two police officers sitting in their car outside a train station in Compton when someone walked up and shot them in the head, then ran off.

The officers miraculously were able to call for help and an ambulance rushed to the scene.

Somehow, some BLM-aligned protesters were at the hospital and knew the ambulance was carrying police officers. As the ambulance approached, ‘protesters’ blocked the entrance to the emergency room and began chanting “Let them die. Let them die.” Continue reading “A New Low In US ‘Protests’”

New York Times Against Free Speech (Again)

Last month, a New York Times editorial page editor was forced to resign because (gasp) he actually ran an editorial from a conservative US Senator, Tom Cotton.

In the latest incident,  staff editor and writer Bari Weiss announced her resignation earlier this week, decrying the newspaper’s workplace culture as “hostile” toward staffers who hold anything other than far left ideologies. Continue reading “New York Times Against Free Speech (Again)”

Civility Isn’t A Bad Word

John F. Kennedy once said “So let us begin anew-remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness.”

We need to be reminded of that again.

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson Monday night was talking about a controversial statement made by Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) about taking down some public monuments. Carlson summarized his comments by saying that Duckworth “hates America”.

Sen. Duckworth responded the next day to the comments, and then on his show last night Carlson went further and called her “a coward” because she wouldn’t go on his show.

There are no doubt some people in public life who hate America (you can’t help but wonder why they don’t move, but that’s another story). But for the most part, people who have differing views don’t hate the country they just have other ideas about how to make it better. Sometimes, no doubt, the ideas are a bit crazy but most of the time it’s not because they hate the country.

For those that may not be familiar with Sen. Duckworth’s career and background, Sen. Duckworth is a veteran that saw combat in Iraq, and lost both legs when the helicopter she was flying was hit by an enemy rocket propelled grenade.

I find it pretty hard to believe that someone like that is a coward, and hates the country that she gave both legs to fight for.

Mr. Carlson, until you have flown into combat serving your country, and come close to making the ultimate sacrifice to do that, you probably should be a lot more careful in your choice of words.

On Censorship and Intolerance

It’s hard to talk about issues in the context of very emotional times. And the death of George Floyd, caught on video, has certainly highlighted a long-standing issue and raised strong feelings in the country.

However, one underlying theme has become concerning. It is a difficult to talk about and deal with issues of tolerance of dissent, more so when it may involve topics and opinions that many may find repulsive.  But an intelligent society can’t survive if it allows itself to be driven solely by passions of the moment, even if the roots of those passions are justified. Continue reading “On Censorship and Intolerance”