When Racism Becomes A Cliché, We All Lose

After a year of arguably the most restrictive lockdowns in the nation, Los Angeles County has said that it will beginning trying to allow schools to resume in person classes in the near future.

The teachers union, United Teachers of Los Angeles, is strongly opposed, and the union’s president Cecily Myart-Cruz calls the move for in person learning “structural racism”. I am not quite able to understand how getting children back to schools is racist. But I CAN understand how not letting them back in schools could be implicitly racist.

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The Prophet Billy Joel?

A hit song released several years ago by Billy Joel may have been eerily prophetic. Did he know something we didn’t?

In his song “Miami 2017”, Joel sang…

“I saw the lights go out on Broadway. It seems so many years ago, before we all lived here in Florida.  Before the Mafia took over Mexico. There are not many who remember. They say a handful still survive…to tell the world about, the way the lights went out and to keep the memory alive.”

As people leave New York in droves, one cannot help but wonder if there was something we should have listened to more closely.

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Fellow Democrats Go After New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Months ago, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the darling of the media, despite the fact that objective measures showed that New York was the worst state in the nation for its handling of the pandemic:  more deaths than any other state, highest death rate in the nation, more cases and deaths per capita than all but one other state, etc.. Yet somehow the national media fawned over Cuomo, and even created a special award for him that was awarded last fall, clearly putting appearance over substance and image over actual health data and science.

CNN, where his brother has a nightly opinion show, even removed its ethical ban forbidding hosts from having immediate family members as guests so that Gov. Cuomo could appear on his brother’s show.

All that has changed and the actual health data seems to be catching up.

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Why Conservatives Oppose The 3rd Pandemic Relief Bill

Here are some examples of the reasons that many conservatives oppose the latest pandemic relief bill. The bill proposed by President Biden is $1.9 TRILLION, which is after two earlier bills of roughly $4 T and $ .9 T.  Included in the bill passed by the House are such ‘pandemic relief’ items as:

  • $1.5 billion for Amtrack (this is on top of $1 billion from previous relief bills that is unspent)
  • $100 million for an underground railway in Silicon Valley
  • $500 million for Native American ‘language preservation’ and a museum
  • $50 million for Planned Parenthood and other ‘family planning’ organizations
  • $50 million in grants for “environmental justice”
  • $1.5 million for a bridge connection Canada and New York state (home state of Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer)

Opposition to the bill has nothing to do with opposing money for helping those impacted by the pandemic. It has to do with lawmakers using the pandemic to put in money for pet projects that have nothing to do with the pandemic…which, now that we think about it, would be called ‘fraud’ in any other context.

New York AG Corrects Cuomo’s Fudged Covid Numbers

New York Democratic Attorney General Letitia James released a report yesterday showing that the death totals for nursing homes in New York was 43% higher than Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Administration had been reporting.

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They Can’t Be Serious? Can They?!

As if everything related to covid-19 and the pandemic isn’t wild enough, we now have Dr. Fauci and others not only calling for a mask mandate but suggesting that we should be wearing two masks for better protection.  Really?! Should we all just get HazMat suits for any time we leave the house?

Vaccines, Incompetence and the Big Lie

There is an old joke asking how you know a politician is lying?  You know when their lips are moving, of course.

If we were honest, even most of his admirers would admit that the presidency of Donald Trump brought that to a new level. Well, it didn’t take long for that to become the ‘new normal’. When asked about the slow rate of vaccination, several governors are blaming the Federal government by saying the Feds need to ship more vaccines.

We can cut right to the point and just say ‘that is a big lie’. Governors who have failed to plan to effectively combat the biggest health crisis in a century aren’t about to take the blame. They have to put it somewhere and so they say they need to get more vaccines and blame the Federal government. If we look at the actual information we have, we can see the real problem pretty readily.

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To Add Insult To Injury, Gov. Andrew Cuomo Botches Vaccine Rollout

In another example of the capacity for self-delusion, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is botching the rollout of vaccines for the biggest health crisis in a century, only months after writing a book congratulating himself on his leadership during the pandemic.

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, by almost every objective measure the state of New York has suffered most from the pandemic and has far more deaths than any other state. So bad has it been, and so bad has the response been, that the last several months have seen hordes of people fleeing the state.

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Lesson To Be Learned

Earlier this week, the United Kingdom (UK) shared information that a new strain of the covid virus had been found in a patient there.  As a precautionary measure, several countries banned flights from the UK until they could understand what that might mean for controlling an outbreak (as an aside, it appears that the new strain should not affect new vaccines and, hopefully, all of the concern is from an abundance of caution).

Contrast that behavior with China, where the Communist Party-led government covered up the initial outbreak early on, and actually arrested and imprisoned a doctor who talked about it publicly last December. We now know that China denied the problem, long after the outbreak in their country, and when word did leak out, they denied that the virus could be transmitted to humans. As a result, the world was months behind in preparing to meet the threat that China hid from the world. Tens of millions of infected people, over a million deaths and tens of trillions in economic devastation worldwide later, and we are still battling.

What would have happened if China had acted like the United Kingdom, and shared all the information they had as soon as they knew it, even if it meant they might suffer economically as a result. We probably won’t ever know but we do know that the UK is a responsible member of the world community and China is willing to risk everyone and everything else to save face.

At the end of the day, the world must make China pay. Not only for its cover-up, but for its negligence. Covid-19 is not the first time, or the second time that a deadly virus has been unleashed on the world from within its borders. Remember the bird flu, swine flu and SARs?  All from China. Even if we don’t think there was any deliberate intention, at a very minimum it is gross negligence on its health and food safety rules. What if that negligence came from a company instead of China? The federal government would go after them in an unrelenting fashion for gross negligence. Why should China be any different? We should start negotiating on a settlement between China and the rest of the world, including the US. If they don’t agree after a reasonable time, we should seize assets in this country as compensation. Such deadly and repeated negligence and cover-up cannot be allowed to happen.

(Communism is evil and China is still dangerous)

Weekend Quick Takes

After what was hopefully a good (covid) Christmas for everyone, here is the holiday weekend edition of quick takes. A wide range of items in the news, some of which are particularly unusual and interesting. A question worth asking on the pandemic relief bill, money in politics and the Chinese military in Canada?!

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