SCOTUS Rules That Government Can’t Tell Parents Which Schools They Have To Choose

The Supreme Court ruled last week that government funds can be used to pay tuition and schools run by religious groups.

Some people don’t understand that and claim that the government is funding religious schools. No, the government is funding education, and then not telling you where you have to use the funds. You can use them anywhere that gives a child an education, even if it’s a religiously based school.



Voting By Mail-Seriously?

As Thinking Man mentioned in a ‘weekend quick take’, last week the Federal government announced that they had sent over a million stimulus checks (totaling roughly $1.4 B) to dead people by mistake. Yes, dead people. If that isn’t a good enough reason to realize that voting by mail is a bad idea, here is one more-a practical example where it was tried. Continue reading “Voting By Mail-Seriously?”

(More) Do As I Say, Not As I Do

As is far too often the case, there are more people telling other people what they should be doing but then refuse to do the same things themselves. The Governor of Michigan, who extended Michigan’s ‘stay at home’ order and told people to limit non-essential travel, but then was caught when he husband called to have their boat ready to go in the water at their summer home about three hours away.

The most recent case is a judge on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Rebecca Dallet. Continue reading “(More) Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

I Wonder What She Thinks of Chinese Checkers?

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), a former presidential candidate and reportedly a top contender to be Joe Biden’s Vice President, introduced a resolution in the Senate this past week on the coronavirus. But this one was a little different. Among one of the top things she felt the government needed to deal with in the pandemic, Harris introduced a resolution that would declare the term ‘Wuhan virus’ as racist and a form of hate speech. Yes, labeling the virus by where it originated is racist in her mind.

No one has asked yet how she refers to the last mass workwide pandemic (she certainly can’t call it ‘The Spanish Flu’). And Thinking Man isn’t sure about her tastes in food, but I can’t help but wonder her opinion on Memphis BBQ or German potato salad.

PA Governor Tom Wolf Flip Flops

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is upset. The Governor has issued orders locking down the state in light of the current pandemic. But as the nation has ‘flattened the curve’ and the economic devastation continues to grow, people are becoming anxious to begin reopening life. That’s especially true in areas that are not hit as hard as others. In Pennsylvania, that means that there are cities and towns that have decided they are going to pass their own ordinances that begin reopening their businesses despite the Governor’s continued lock down. Continue reading “PA Governor Tom Wolf Flip Flops”

LA Lakers, Harvard University and Others Get Government Money–and Why That Should Be An Example

We have seen natural disasters, perhaps some of us have been affected by ones in the past. However, none of us have seen anything like the current pandemic. It has been more than 100 years since we have seen a health crisis in the world like this, or any other natural disaster.

Such a tragedy could not have been foreseen. And no one would argue that the government needs to help limit the devastation as much as possible, to individuals and businesses that provide jobs but have been shut down. And the Federal government passed laws to give over $2.5 trillion in help.
A key part of that funding is help targeting small businesses who would struggle to keep from going bankrupt. But we are finding that money isn’t always going where needed or intended. Continue reading “LA Lakers, Harvard University and Others Get Government Money–and Why That Should Be An Example”

Civil Liberties and the Pandemic

A week ago Saturday, police in Kansas City “intervened” to stop a dangerous gathering of elementary school teachers.

The staff of John Fiske Elementary School decided to organize a parade of cars as a way to boost the morale of their students while they are “distance learning”. All of the teachers and administrators were in their own cars. There was literally no chance whatsoever of any virus being transmitted from car to car. But a spokeswoman for the police later explained, after the elicit gathering was descended upon by law enforcement, that the celebration of learning was not “necessary” or “essential.” Thankfully, students were saved from the threat of cheerful elementary school teachers waving to them from their vehicles. Continue reading “Civil Liberties and the Pandemic”

Biden Takes a Hard Left

Now that Joe Biden has become the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, he is setting the stage for the general election. Normally, party nominees ‘move to center’ after getting the nomination in an attempt to appeal to independent voters who, in the case of Democrats are not as liberal as the party base of voters or, in the case of Republicans are not as conservative as the party base. This year, Biden’s political calculations appear different. Continue reading “Biden Takes a Hard Left”

An Oregon Union Reacts To The Pandemic

The state of Oregon has a law that forbids self-service gas stations. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union has long worked against allowing self-service stations so that they could create job for their members.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown issued an order that temporarily suspended that prohibition, allowing gas stations to be self-service and not requiring an attendant. It came amid reports that some pump attendants were ill and some feared coming to work at a job that puts them in contact with many members of the public each shift.

The Union opposed the temporary change.