A Bad Guy With A Gun

Tragically, this weekend saw a crazed gunman enter a Texas church and begin shooting. The gunman killed two people in the congregation as they worshipped.

Fortunately for everyone else, the security team was armed and within a reported six seconds responded. They took out the gunman and ended the incident before it could become a massacre. It could have been much worse. It’s terrible to even have to talk about such things, and to even have to talk about ‘it could have been worse’ when people were killed. It couldn’t be worse for the families of those killed.

According to reports, the whole incident was over in less than ten seconds. The gunman started shooting, killed two people, armed attendees moved and shot the gunman.

A big part of the problem with the gun debate is that is a very emotional one. Here is a case where a killing spree was stopped within ten seconds. If the gunman had been able to continue his attach, even for just one minute, how many people would have died? In this case, the only thing that stopped the bad guy is good people with guns who could kill him within seconds. Waiting for police for even a few minutes would have seen the death toll skyrocket. There really can be no doubt in this case that Texas gun laws no doubt prevented a massacre.

Taxpayers Forced To Pay

A Wisconsin court ruled that the state’s Medicaid plan had to cover ‘medically necessary’ transgender sex change treatment and surgery. In what world is there even such a thing as ‘medically necessary’ sex change surgery?!

One more way that Medicaid has become an entitlement and another way to make taxpayers foot the bill for something that does nothing to affect health.

Tennessee Executes Murderer

Thursday night, the state of Tennessee executed a death row inmate who was convicted in 1992 of first degree murder and aggravated arson in the killing of his ex-girlfriend. That means, of course, that the murderer was in prison awaiting his sentence to be carried out for 27 years-just under three decades. Continue reading “Tennessee Executes Murderer”

Too Big To Care?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Friday endorsed a $5 billion settlement with Facebook for its violations of privacy of its users. The proposal now goes to the Justice Dept. for final approval. In addition to the fine, the settlement is expected to require Facebook to implement new measures to protect user’s personal information.

The proposed settlement comes after Facebook sold massive amounts of personal information during the last two election cycles. In 2017, Facebook acknowledged that a personality-prediction app it developed had been sold to several analytics firms. And note that wording— “sold”, so it was a conscious decision not an accident. Continue reading “Too Big To Care?”

Finding The Truth Should Never Be A Bad Thing

Sadly, it has become the norm that political parties blindly line up behind the ‘party line’ and do and say whatever the party leaders say, rather than what is right. Most obviously, this is the case in the investigations surrounding President Trump. Continue reading “Finding The Truth Should Never Be A Bad Thing”

A Step In Making Parents Be An Example

Carlotta Outley Brown, a high school principal in Houston, TX created controversy (though Thinking Man is confused as to why there is any controversy) when she sent a letter to parents earlier this money telling them that the school is implementing a dress code for parents and anyone that wants to enter the school. Despite the controversy, Brown is standing by her actions. Continue reading “A Step In Making Parents Be An Example”