There Is No Border Problem For Liberals…Until Illegals Show Up In Their City, Then It Is A Crisis

Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington, D. C. said in response to illegal immigrants being shipped to her city “We are not a border town.”

Bowser was complaining about illegal immigrants showing up unannounced in her city (after being captured and then transported there from the border). You see, Bowser is fine with the immigration situation as long as it does not affect her or her city. The hundreds of thousands of people crossing the border illegally EACH MONTH is only a problem for people at the border.

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No Such Thing As Loan ‘Forgiveness’

To be clear, there is no such thing as ‘student debt forgiveness’. There is only ‘student debt transfer’.

The money has been loaned and spent. You can only transfer the debt from those who took out the loan to people who did not take out the loan.

And as an aside, Mr. President, your income guidelines say that any one individual earning up to $125,000/year is eligible to not have pay their student loans. If someone is making $125,000 they can certainly pay off their own loans and they do not need others to do it for them.

Is California Becoming A Second World State?

At first, that headline sounds a bit ridiculous. California is our most populous state and has an economy bigger than most countries. Yet, things are starting to change and not in a good way.

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Progressives: New Concepts To Justify Quashing Disagreement

One of the members of the radical ‘Squad’, the group of self-described leftist, progressive members of Congress, showed again how they think about those that disagree with their agenda.

In a long social media thread, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a Massachusetts progressive, advocated for students being forgiven for the loans that they took out. In doing so, Pressley came up with a new concept.

“Let’s make it plain: student debt is policy violence,” Pressley stormed.

“Policy violence”?  That is a new term, but we can predict where this is all going…because everyone is against violence, right?  So to be against student loan cancelation is violence and if you have an opinion that is ‘violent’ then you and your opinion should be banned and outlawed.

This, in short, is the bizarre mindset of radical leftists. To oppose any policy they support is unthinkable, and to do so means you are not simply disagreeing, but literally attacking them. As a result you must be silenced. We have seen this across college campuses and now growing in the halls of Congress. It is inherently undemocratic and against every principle of representative government. And that is why radical progressivism is so dangerous—not just the policy ideas themselves. It’s the desire to silence any dissent.

Military Leadership And The Afghan Withdrawal

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster:  poorly planned and poorly executed. One need to look no further than the videos of the scene over the last two weeks at the Kabul airport and the pictures of the coffins of the dead and wounded in order bring home the human toll.

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The Problem With America’s Military? They March In High Heels!

The US military is formidable. However, the US military is not what it once was.

One need look no further than incidents over the last five years to be reminded of how things that once were taken for granted, now cannot be and are indicative of how far our capabilities have fallen. In 2017, in two separate incidents in the Pacific, US Navy ships collided with other vessels on the open seas which resulted in a loss of life. The year before, US patrol craft were captured by Iran and last year there was an in port fire on the USS Bonhomme Richard which resulted in its total destruction. That does not include things such as billions of dollars in cost overruns and two year delay in the delivery in the last aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford.

Though those dramatic examples are from the surface Navy, there have been similar concerns about readiness in other branches of the military.

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