(Hypocritical) Quick Takes

In this weekend’s edition of quick takes, we take a look at stories in the news that show how consistency and intellectual integrity seem to be in short supply (which is a nicer way of saying that hypocrisy is plentiful).

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Georgia, Coca-Cola and Hypocrisy

Alas, it is a part of the human condition that we all are probably hypocritical at certain points in our lives. Yet, it still amazes Thinking Man when it is so radically obvious. And when you are a public figure or organization you would think you would have a little more self-awareness.

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump earlier this week called for a boycott of Coca-Cola, after the company jumped into politics and came out strongly against Georgia’s new election integrity law.

The very next day, the former President was photographed drinking a Diet Coke.


For Coca-Cola, they have strongly criticized the new law in Georgie, where they are headquartered. Among the subjects of criticism is the requirement to have a photo ID, which critics say is racist (because apparently only minorities can’t get a photo?)

Sign posted outside the 2020 annual meeting of Coca Cola shareholders:

 “At the entrance to the meeting, we will verify your registration…and a valid form of photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport”

Have We Entered Bizarro World?

Some things just seem like they should not be that hard and a simple pause to think would solve so many issues.

This past week seems like we may be entering a bizarre place where the simple things seem so hard for some of us. From pop culture, to the politics of Biden and Trump and the morality of stealing muffins, it seems some people just struggle to get it right.

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