“Do As I Say”, Post-Olympics

The Olympics are over, but it still seems to be the season for politicians outdoing themselves to show their hypocrisy and how they mean for their rules to apply to everyone else, but not them.

In the first half of this week, we have two examples of hypocrisy, one from each major political party, just to show that hypocrisy is a shared character trait, apparently.

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The “Do As I Say” Olympics

It seems that the last two weeks has seen an unusually large number of politicians have decided to show us that when they make rules and laws, they do not mean for those to apply to themselves…because, you know, they know better than you and all of us are just ‘the masses’ who must be led by the Woke enlightened crowd.

Here some recent examples:

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Weekend Quick Takes

US Senator Member At All White Yacht Club

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) this week admitted that he has belonged to a ‘whites only’ yacht club for years.  When asked about it by a reporter, Whitehouse responded that “…they are still working on that and I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet.”

The muted response from the Democratic leadership in the Senate has been deafening in it’s silence.

VP Harris Visits Her Area Of Responsibility (100 Days Later)

Vice President Kamala Harris went to visit the southern border. While largely symbolic, the visit came months after being put in charge of the situation at the border (the Biden Administration does not call it a ‘crisis’). On the flip side, even if it is symbolic, it is certainly odd that Harris had never visited the area for which she was responsible.

It could be because she does not think that we should have borders at all.  When asked during a debate when she was running for President two years ago if illegal immigrants should be deported if they had not committed a crime other than illegal entry, Harris said “No, they should not be deported” and should be allowed to stay…..even if they came into the country illegally.

Trump’s Continued War On Republicans

Former President Trump is campaigning this weekend in Ohio against former NFL player and current Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez.

This continues Trump’s campaigns against fellow Republicans who crossed him, in Gonzalez’ case by voting for the 2nd articles of impeachment. Trump has yet to campaign against any Democrats, showing that his priority, concern and focus is personal revenge and not political principle or helping his party.

Some things just don’t change.