Tearing Down A Monument To A Black Abolitionist

“Protesters” yesterday tore down another monument. In the latest incident, the victim was a monument to Frederick Douglas. You may remember him from your history class:  born into slavery, he escaped and became an abolitionist and famous orator. Mostly self-taught, he also wrote several books and became a living refutation of the argument of slave owners that enslaved individuals did not have the intellect to function by themselves much less rise to be prominent members of society. During the Civil War, Douglas also recruited for the 54th Massachusetts regiment in which his son served and which was the first black regiment in action. (Of course, the 54th Mass regiment was in the news recently, as well, as recently ‘protesters’ in Massachusetts also tore down a monument honoring them because….well, other than a low IQ that does not appear to reach double digits, we aren’t really sure why they did that either). Continue reading “Tearing Down A Monument To A Black Abolitionist”

Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Like July 4–How Surprising

Colin Kaepernick this weekend called Independence Day a “celebration of white supremacy” and ‘rejects’ it. Ok, so…I guess no hot dogs and apple pie for Kaepernick then? Continue reading “Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Like July 4–How Surprising”

On Censorship and Intolerance

It’s hard to talk about issues in the context of very emotional times. And the death of George Floyd, caught on video, has certainly highlighted a long-standing issue and raised strong feelings in the country.

However, one underlying theme has become concerning. It is a difficult to talk about and deal with issues of tolerance of dissent, more so when it may involve topics and opinions that many may find repulsive.  But an intelligent society can’t survive if it allows itself to be driven solely by passions of the moment, even if the roots of those passions are justified. Continue reading “On Censorship and Intolerance”

A Ray of Sunshine in Seemingly Dark World

(I have borrowed heavily from several news reports and pictures from Britain for this story of hope)

A story that has captured a hopeful, valiant, inspiring moment in a troubled Britain, and troubled world — reports and pictures of a Black Lives Matter protester hoisting an injured man, suspected of being a radical counter-demonstrator, onto his shoulder to extricate him from a violent melee near Waterloo Bridge. Continue reading “A Ray of Sunshine in Seemingly Dark World”

When Racism Seems To Be Acceptable

It is the height of hypocrisy when we vigorously oppose racism in one form but don’t oppose it in all forms. But in our world, seemingly dominated as it is by political partisanship and personal self-interest, there is one time when it’s acceptable, when making racial comments is overlooked.  And that’s when you are attacking conservatives. Continue reading “When Racism Seems To Be Acceptable”

We Have Gone Too Far in What We Tolerate

We should be concerned, very concerned.

We should be concerned that no one seems to speak up in outrage at certain things. But only certain things. When we see outrage and heinous acts, such as what happened to George Floyd, we somehow seem to assume we have to turn a blind eye to anything that is done (or claims to be done) in response to that. Why is that? Why do we have to check our brains? By doing so, we implicitly say that these things are OK. I offer that is wrong. Wrong and is just as outrageous and to not say so implies hypocrisy at its height. Here is the example that spun me up:

In Seattle, far-left radicals have declared an autonomous country and have taken up arms to enforce it (apparently, the gun free zone declarations there don’t really work anymore, but I digress)

chaz entrance

David Ryder/Getty Images

Continue reading “We Have Gone Too Far in What We Tolerate”

Show What You Believe By Your Actions, Not Your Words

We have all seen it, people who talk a good game but when it comes to actually doing what they say, their actions don’t quite measure up. Most of us would say that we have run into people like that far too often, but would also admit that we often don’t realize it until we see the bad effects.

As someone who tends to lean conservative politically it is always interesting, and somewhat troubling, to hear people talk about racism and sexism, for example, and to infer that it is primarily the fault of conservatives. But other than the rhetoric, what really happens? What is actually done and what are the results? Continue reading “Show What You Believe By Your Actions, Not Your Words”

Updated: A Conversation We Need About Police Departments, Starting in Minneapolis

It is sad and tragic that it has taken the death of a man in police custody, due to gross negligence, to have a national conversation about why things like that happen. The officer involved and the three officers that looked on while it happened have all been charged with crimes and that is as it should be. Yes, they are innocent until proven guilty but video footage is hard to dispute. So may the legal system play out as it should and may they get everything that justice deserves.

That has been followed by two weeks of daily protests around the country. Unfortunately, many of those protests have turned violent. There is evidence that a good deal of that violence has been by groups, often not local to the city in which the protests have happened, who have been trying to use protests as a spark to incite violence for whatever demented agenda they may have.

Unfortunately, what that often leads to the in aftermath is very emotional reactions in the moment. And because we tend to live in this ‘either or’ society, where it seems everyone thinks you have to choose ‘a side’ then the much needed thoughtful dialog gets lost. Continue reading “Updated: A Conversation We Need About Police Departments, Starting in Minneapolis”

Protesters Vandalize Monument to Black Soldiers

Really?! Brainless protesters destroy the credibility of legitimate protest.
There are some that aren’t protesting for a cause, but are just bad people looking for an excuse to riot. As a result, they not only cost all of us by the damage that they do but they also hurt the cause of what really needs to be done.

And the term ‘brainless’ is used deliberately, both as a pejorative term and to indicate a lack of intelligence.

Protesters over the weekend vandalized a monument to a regiment to fought in the Civil War, the 54th Massachusetts.

The 54th Massachusetts was the first all black unit to see fighting in the Civil War. Stay in school. Learn history!