The Danger Of Cartoons And Fairy Tales

This year we have been able to address some of the critical issues facing the country. Disney has put a warning label on the Muppets because of ‘offensive content’ and restricted the Muppets to adult accounts on its streaming service, for example. And we were able to get Pepe Le Pew banned for sexual harassment.

Yet, there is much work left to be done and fortunately, we have the cartoon and fairy tale police on the job.  Disney Land in California has been especially hard hit because of lockdowns there over the last year. As they began to reopen, a ride featuring Snow White has come under fire because part of the ride shows a clip from the movie where Prince Charming kisses Snow White while she is asleep, and so therefore unable to give consent to being kissed.  (Of course, she would never come out of the coma unless Prince Charming did kiss her…oh, the tough choices we have)!

Yet, the woke/politically correct fairy tale police are slacking a bit. They have not yet even addressed the problem about her name: Sleeping Beauty. Who is to say she is a “beauty” and, after all, isn’t that body shaming? And it could ruin the self-esteem of all the other fairy tale characters.

With a world-wide pandemic, a struggling economy, Iran promising to build nuclear weapons and China threatening anyone within earshot, it’s good to know that at least we are making progress in eliminating the bad influences of cartoons, puppets and fairy tales.

And with all those bad children’s characters and influences gone, we can be proud that our rates of violent crime and sexual assaults have fallen since those terrible things were on TV and read as bedtime stories,   ….oh, um, wait….

Police Accountability and Reasoned Discourse

Late yesterday, a jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd.

By now, we probably have all seen the video footage of Chauvin pinning Floyd to the ground by putting his knee on his neck. For anyone who has, it was hard not to conclude that then police officer Chauvin used excessive force and murdered George Floyd.

Yesterday, the system worked and held that police officer accountable for his actions. Though it should have been pretty clear to any objective observer what happened, every person has a right to a trial and to make their case. Chauvin did that and the justice system held him to account.

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The Intellectual Dishonesty of Rob Manfred and MLB

There has been much controversy about an election law recently passed in the state of Georgia. The law’s provisions include such things as a requirement for a photo ID to vote in person, tightening validation provisions around mail-in ballots, and a provision that most of us would not think of but which forbids passing out food and drinks to people standing in line to vote.

Liberal politicians have screamed charges of racism and voter suppression. Corporations such as Delta Airlines have joined in and Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB) announced that they are moving this year’s All-Star game out of Atlanta because of the outrage. Yesterday, Manfred announced that the game would be held in Denver, presumably because Colorado was much less ‘racist’ than Georgia in how it handled election. Yet, the actual reality is quite interesting, as is the intellectual integrity of Manfred and MLB.

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Dumbest Thing You’ve Heard All Day…Or Maybe Ever

On Tuesday, CNN reporter Devan Cole made a statement that may be one of the dumbest things you have heard lately…or ever.

In a ‘news story’ about transgender teens in sports, Cole said “​It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth.” Really. Not only did a person actually say that, but someone who supposedly has a college degree but somehow missed the whole part about the birds and the bees and the X and Y chromosomes.

May we just say that however many pennies he draws in salary each year, is roughly 100 percent more than his abilities are worth. And we should add that CNN has now lost what little credibility they had left.

Ban Basketball?

For college basketball fans, March Madness is always a time of bracketology and Cinderella stories. One of the Cinderella stories this year has been Oral Roberts who is a #15 seed from a minor conference who made it to the Sweet 16.

This year, the politically correct ‘woke’ culture has decided that’s not such a fun story. Prior to the Sweet 16 games this past weekend, radical leftist groups called for the NCAA to make Oral Roberts forfeit the rest of its games. Because of some rule violation, or an ineligible player? No, it seems that the religious school does not believe in same sex marriage. And so in the intolerance of the ‘ban everything I disagree with’ mentality of modern radicalism, Oral Roberts basketball team should be forbidden to play in the NCAA because of the religious beliefs of the school.

Have We Entered Bizarro World?

Some things just seem like they should not be that hard and a simple pause to think would solve so many issues.

This past week seems like we may be entering a bizarre place where the simple things seem so hard for some of us. From pop culture, to the politics of Biden and Trump and the morality of stealing muffins, it seems some people just struggle to get it right.

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The Danger Of Puppets And Plastic Vegetables

The Week When The Politically Correct ‘Woke’ Crowd ‘Saved’ US Culture

Disney has decided that Kermit and the gang are offensive and has restricted the Muppets to only adult accounts on its networks and services. In a statement Disney said “we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future…” So, the Muppets are no longer allowed to be shown on Disney outlets registered to children.

But the ‘Woke’ culture was not done. On Thursday Hasbro, the manufacturer of a plastic potato, announced that after 70 years the toy will no longer be called “Mr. Potato Head” The company said it would be rebranding the iconic toy to break away from traditional views of gender and family structures — it had previously celebrated the wedding and subsequent anniversaries of “Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head,” and it sold boxed sets of the couple and their offspring, “Spud” and “Yam.”  Hasbro has apparently decided that the use of “Mr.” is sexist and that the traditional family, with mother and father and children, is a bad thing.

This week will go down as an important one in the evolution of American culture, at least to the ‘Woke’ left. Because nothing says ‘offensive’ like furry puppets, or promotes violence like a puppet pig hitting a furry frog, and nothing screams sexism like a plastic potato.

San Francisco Logic?

To the rest of the country, the radicalism of California has grown increasingly…hard to understand, let’s just say. Within California, there is no place more radical than San Francisco.

While the internet was laughing at all the Bernie Sanders memes, an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle shows that instead of laughing, we should be outraged….and shows just how ‘unique’ the prevailing thinking in San Francisco really is, as well.

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The Capitol Attack-Some Short Notes

It is still hard to process all the events of last week’s attack on the US Capitol, the very seat of our government, and on the lawmakers who were meeting and were forced to flee.

The bigger picture issues are still yet to be addressed, and our leaders will need unbelievable wisdom to sort those out. There are several actions that are coming to light that would be of tremendous significance in normal times, but these are not normal times. Nevertheless, they are worth noting, especially since they involve public servants, who receive our tax dollars, which were involved in the attacks on our government.

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