The Mayor of New York Wants Help, But Only From Certain People

New York City is the hot spot in the nation’s battle against the pandemic that started in China and has spread around the world. The state of New York has over a third of all of the cases and all of the deaths in the whole country. Yet, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is wary of medical help offered to the city. Continue reading “The Mayor of New York Wants Help, But Only From Certain People”

Remember When Billionaires Come For New Stadiums

Companies can not stay in business if their expenses exceed their revenue. Companies create jobs but to stay afloat, especially in unexpected times of crisis like we are going through, they may be forced to cut staff if they are closed. That is tragic, albeit understandable. But the world of professional sports has a situation that we all should keep in mind.

America’s love affair with sports has created a situation where owners and players make a lot of money. And Thinking Man can understand if people decide that they can’t do something that causes them to lose money. But in unusual times like these, it is heartwarming to hear of players and owners who are offering to pay salaries for laid off stadium workers, for example. Continue reading “Remember When Billionaires Come For New Stadiums”

Are Diseases Racist?

At today’s press conference to give an update on the pandemic, the President referred to the disease as the ‘China virus’. A reporter asked if that was racist, because it was called the ‘China virus’.

The answer, “No, because it came from China.”

The reporter persisted, and said that the President ‘thought’ it came from there but suggested that we don’t know for sure where it came from. The reply, “No, we don’t ‘think’, we know where it came from.”

But, wait, they weren’t done. At least two more reporters asked questions about the implied racism of the President.

Is that really one of the important issues at hand in dealing with this crisis? Or do these reporters, who supposedly have college degrees, really not understand that ‘Chinese’ means that it is from China?

We should watch out. The next press conference will probably have questions around paying reparations for such terrible racial slurs through  history of pandemic health as the Spanish Flu and the German Measles.


Do You Have To Live in California To Think Up This Stuff?

A bill proposed in the California Legislature would make it illegal for retail outlets who sell clothes, toy or child care items to have separate areas for ‘boys’ and ‘girls’, or to identify any of their products as for any particular gender.

No need to comment.


And in Oakland, the Oakland City Council voted unanimously to adopt a bill which forbids builders or landlords from inquiring about, requiring disclosure of or making housing decisions based on an applicant’s criminal history. It also forbids such things as requiring a higher security deposit because of a criminal history. (Nearby Berkeley and Alameda County are considering similar measures). Continue reading “Do You Have To Live in California To Think Up This Stuff?”

President Trump’s Religion

On Thursday, the annual National Prayer Breakfast was held in Washington as part of the National Day of Prayer. Instituted by President Eisenhower at the suggestion of Billy Graham, the event has traditionally brought together people from across the political spectrum to pray for our country and its leaders. It’s also tradition that the President speaks at the Breakfast.

This year, the Day of Prayer and the Prayer Breakfast could not possibly have come at a better time. Earlier in the week, the impeachment trial concluded after a bitter partisan debate, so partisan that only one person in both the House and the Senate voted contrary to their Party’s leadership. Coming right after that vote, the nation probably needed nothing more than people of all political persuasions praying for our country as we go forward.

The President walked in carrying a copy of a paper above his head with the headline ‘Acquitted’.

In a keynote address before Trump’s speech, Arthur Brooks, a Harvard professor and president of a conservative think tank, had decried a “crisis of contempt and polarization” and urged his listeners to ”love your enemies.”

“I don’t know if I agree with you,” said Trump as he got up to begin his remarks

There was more-much more- but let’s stop there.

For those Christian friends who believe that President Trump became a Christian during the campaign, as reported by a couple of evangelical leaders, Thinking Man will just let that comment sit. It’s one thing not to quite live up to what we say we believe—we all are guilty of that, and possibly Thinking Man more than many. But to publicly deny the very words of Jesus is not something a Christian does. But then, President Trump’s daily evidence of his personal character should long ago have convinced any person of that.

Whatever you think of his policies, President Trump is not a moral, decent man. And more, he is proud of and publicly declares his disdain for those who want to aspire to a higher purpose. Never again can Christians who support Trump be able to say that character matters in a government leader.

Finally A Punishment For Banking Crimes

Last week the former CEO of Wells Fargo John Stumpf was fined $17.5 million and has been banned from ever working in the banking industry again.

You will recall that Wells Fargo were found to have routinely created false accounts for clients in order to meet sales quotas. Regulators found that Stumpf and Wells Fargo senior management created a culture that tolerated, if not promoted, the widespread criminal behavior. Continue reading “Finally A Punishment For Banking Crimes”