Tragedy in Virgina

Quick Takes: A Sexless Baby, CNN, NPR and Illinois junk bonds

After a short vacation, Thinking Man is back with quick takes on several and widely-varied topics.  Most just make you want to shake your head in disbelief. Continue reading “Quick Takes: A Sexless Baby, CNN, NPR and Illinois junk bonds”

Violence in American Politics-An Assault on Democracy

Vitriol in American politics is not necessarily a new phenomenon.  But both in type and volume, the current level is out of control.

This week we saw an attempted political assassination when a gunman opened fire on a group of Republican Congressmen who were at an early morning baseball practice for the annual Congressional charity baseball game.  The gunman, a Bernie Sanders supporter from Illinois, had a list on him of several GOP lawmakers who were marked for assassination.  Continue reading “Violence in American Politics-An Assault on Democracy”

Violence in Politics

This morning a gunman walked up to a ball field just outside of Washington, DC where a group of Senators and Congressman were having an early morning practice for the annual charity Congressional game.

The gunman asked if the group was Republican or Democrat, and then pulled out a rifle and opened fire.  The Illinois man, James Hodgkinson, had been highly critical of Republicans and had volunteered for Sen. Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.  He hit one member of the Congressional leadership and three others, including Capital police before being shot himself and disarmed.  The gunman later died of his injuries.

We need to concerned about the growing hatred in politics.  In a democracy, there is no need for shooting to get your way.  The only reason for violence is that you don’t believe in democracy and believe that you should have your way at any cost.  Now may not be the time to talk about how to address the problem, but whatever the solution, shooting those you disagree with is not it and that should transcend any political boundaries.

And before we get the stories about the gunman was a ‘nice guy’, let’s just go ahead and say “no, he wasn’t’.  He was the bottom part of society.  Nice guys don’t shoot people who disagree with them, much less travel hundreds of miles to do it.

Two Liberal (Sick) Reactions to Disagreement

To be fair, every side of politics has a share of crazies—people who simply have not progressed high enough on the social evolutionary scale to be able to form coherent thoughts and react as adults when confronted by those with whom they disagree.

Having said that, as a group, those who disagree with the current occupant of the White House really do hate him and do so with a passion that is fascinating if it weren’t sometimes so concerning.  And part of the fascination is that it drives a large number of them into acting every bit as crazy as they say he is….. Continue reading “Two Liberal (Sick) Reactions to Disagreement”

Hypocrisy in Media–But Does Anyone Doubt That Anymore?

The Huffington Post, the liberal magazine which has wide circulation in those political circles, last week published an article from a South African blogger entitled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” In the article, Shelly Garland argues that white men should not be allowed to vote and only then could the ills in society be changed and justice prevail. At first, Thinking Man thought it must be some joke to catch headlines but reading further the author doesn’t shrink from the scandalous headlines. Continue reading “Hypocrisy in Media–But Does Anyone Doubt That Anymore?”