A Bad Guy With A Gun

Tragically, this weekend saw a crazed gunman enter a Texas church and begin shooting. The gunman killed two people in the congregation as they worshipped.

Fortunately for everyone else, the security team was armed and within a reported six seconds responded. They took out the gunman and ended the incident before it could become a massacre. It could have been much worse. It’s terrible to even have to talk about such things, and to even have to talk about ‘it could have been worse’ when people were killed. It couldn’t be worse for the families of those killed.

According to reports, the whole incident was over in less than ten seconds. The gunman started shooting, killed two people, armed attendees moved and shot the gunman.

A big part of the problem with the gun debate is that is a very emotional one. Here is a case where a killing spree was stopped within ten seconds. If the gunman had been able to continue his attach, even for just one minute, how many people would have died? In this case, the only thing that stopped the bad guy is good people with guns who could kill him within seconds. Waiting for police for even a few minutes would have seen the death toll skyrocket. There really can be no doubt in this case that Texas gun laws no doubt prevented a massacre.

On Impeachment Of The President

Of course, the big news this week is that the House voted for only the third time in our country’s history to impeach the President. Actually, the impeachment hearings have been the big news for the last several weeks, understandably overshadowing almost everything else. News that would normally be the lead story has been pushed to the back pages.

Yet, nothing from Thinking Man’s Politics…until now. Why?  Because, frankly, Thinking Man is pretty disappointed in what has been going on. Continue reading “On Impeachment Of The President”

Taxpayers Forced To Pay

A Wisconsin court ruled that the state’s Medicaid plan had to cover ‘medically necessary’ transgender sex change treatment and surgery. In what world is there even such a thing as ‘medically necessary’ sex change surgery?!

One more way that Medicaid has become an entitlement and another way to make taxpayers foot the bill for something that does nothing to affect health.

Former GOP Senator, Author of ‘Conscience Of A Conservative’, Pens Editorial

Former Republican Senator, and current Harvard Fellow, Jeff Flake penned an editorial yesterday days after President Trump came out in favor of criminal charges of treason against one of his opponents in Congress and then tweeted that a ‘civil war’ like split would happen if he were removed from office.

The link to the editorial is below, so you can read it in its entirety. Especially if you are a conservative, it’s worth a read.

One noteworthy excerpt, as he addressed his former Republican colleagues in the Senate who may worry about a political backlash, he said  “Trust me when I say you can go elsewhere for a job. But you cannot go elsewhere for a soul.”



With Authority Comes Great Responsibility

Thinking Man believes that police and other law enforcement deserve the benefit of the doubt, very generally speaking. They are responsible for public safety, and do a job that requires them to make split second decisions and to put their lives on the line if those decisions are bad.

The converse of that is that with that deference comes a special responsibility, and being held to a higher standard of integrity and conduct. When law enforcement officials do wrong, they should pay. Continue reading “With Authority Comes Great Responsibility”

How Can You Be Mad About July 4?

You would think that the July 4 holiday would be relatively non-controversial. I mean, what could be bad about gaining independence from the King of England and establishing the representative type government since ancient Greece (though, no doubt it was not inclusive of all of the people of the country but certainly more so than a monarchy)? Continue reading “How Can You Be Mad About July 4?”

Robert Mueller (again)

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who completed his investigation and submitted his final reported, officially resigned his position in the Justice Dept. yesterday now that his job was complete. He issued a final statement which, basically, said everything he had already put in his final report. Continue reading “Robert Mueller (again)”