Andrew Cuomo Reminds Us Again of His Incompetence

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reminded us again twice this week why he may be the most incompetent governor in the country, oddly in spite of the fact that he seems to be a media darling.

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Rioters Demand Justice, But Riot Before That Can Happen

Yesterday, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot a man half a dozen times at close range. Though we must always wait for all the facts, video of the incident looks real bad. The man was shot at point blank range and there is no apparent reason other than he is disobeying an order to stop walking away.

Within hours, protests had turned to riots. Businesses away from where the incident took place were burned, including a car dealership and the people woke up to find the city was ‘a scene out of hell’, according to one resident.

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The Post Office in town had to be closed today because of the threat of violence. The Mayor, less than 24 hours after the incident, tried to hold a press conference to give an update on what was being done. The Mayor came outside to share information but was shouted down by the same people who were supposedly demanding answers. He was forced to move the conference and limit attendance because of the unruly protests and unsafe situation and even when he did, the doors were ripped off their hinges as rioters tried to get in.

Riots began even before the sun went down. If there is a crime committed, we should allow that criminal prosecution play out or at least see if that system is going to work. Rioting began before a police report could even be filed. The incident came late on a Sunday afternoon and the officers were already pulled off their jobs by morning.

It’s hard to imagine how the city could have moved faster to address the disturbing incident. Protesters say they want justice. But yet they did not wait for anyone to even respond and when the Mayor tried to respond, he couldn’t. Given the video, it’s easy to see how people are outraged. It’s not easy to understand how they immediately start rioting, burning a car dealership, smashing windows and doing a lot of damage to people who had nothing to do with the incident.  There wasn’t even a chance to carry out any semblance of justice, much less an investigation.

This mindless lashing out only serves to defeat the purpose. It turns people off, because the object is clearly not justice. It’s blind violence against anyone and anything near by. We can’t keep reacting like this. It will destroy our country and worse, destroy out soul. Justice should be served. It should not be served by an angry mob.

Jacob Blake, the man shot by the officer, is listed in stable condition as of late Monday afternoon. May his family find strength is the difficult time.


Norway Backs The Confederacy?

Owners of a Bed and Breakfast took down a flag honoring their heritage, in order to save their business.

A couple in St. Johns, MI had a Norwegian flag flying in honor of their Norwegian heritage. However, some ‘hate police’ got the Norwegian flag confused with the Confederate flag and posted negative reviews so the couple was afraid of it hurting their income.

Thought Police Attack Free Speech (Again)

In the continuing attempt by some to stifle free speech, several players and officials in the WNBA (the Women’s National Basketball Assoc.) have asked the league to remove an owner. Why? Because the co-owner of the Dream, Kelly Loeffler, has said that they league should not be supporting political causes and so should not be giving money to Black Lives Matter.

That’s it. People are saying that a business owner, in this case a team co-owner, should have her business taken away because she expressed her opinion. That’s pretty much it. She spoke out and had an opinion that is different than some. To these people, it’s not enough to disagree with what Loeffler said, she should pay financially for having an opinion.

We continue to see assaults on free speech and it is increasingly disturbing. People should be free to have an opinion and to express it, even if it’s an unpopular one. To suggest that someone should literally pay for expressing their opinion is very concerning.

 Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler

Mental Midgets and Social Miscreants

‘Protesters’ in Madison, WI last night hit a new low. Low, because in this case, it’s not about protesting injustice, it’s about wanton destruction for no reason other than they want to destroy…. for the fun of it. And, worse, are using an important issue to ‘justify’ their lust for violence. They are just terrible people and blights on society in every possible way. Continue reading “Mental Midgets and Social Miscreants”

Capitalism and Freedom

Bernie Sanders is again running for President. With election season in full force, and Sanders being not only the early leader for Democrats but also a self-proclaimed socialist, a number people are starting to talk about socialism and if they would ever vote for a socialist like Sanders.

At a recent forum Nikki Haley, former Ambassador to the United Nations and Governor of South Carolina, shares her thoughts and shares a full-throated defense of capitalism. (link provided below) Continue reading “Capitalism and Freedom”

75th Anniversary of D-Day

(Picture: American cemetery in Normandy, France)

75 years ago today, D-Day the 6th of June, Allied forces endured unimaginable death and destruction and landed on the beaches of France, spelling the beginning of the end of Hitler.

Today, it’s hard for us to believe the sacrifice of those who were serving their country on those stretches of beach. At Omaha Beach (one of five landing beaches), 84% of those that landed in the first wave became casualties. Casualties in the second wave were 56%. Yet they fought on.

Thank you to the ‘Greatest Generation’. May we always remember, and be worthy of, their sacrifice.


US Economy Chugs Along But Potential Potholes Ahead

The US economy has been growing at a solid pace, though not quite at the ‘recovery’ pace that has been the case coming out of previous recessions. One of the bright spots has been the drop in unemployment. Yet there are signs of weakness, even after a few years of economic growth. Continue reading “US Economy Chugs Along But Potential Potholes Ahead”