Hypocrisy in the NFL, Racism Among Athletes and More Apologies for Hillary–Weekend Quick Takes

The hypocrisy of NFL player protestors and racism among professional athletes.  This and other quick takes as we review last week and the weekend…

Hypocrisy Among NFL Player ‘Protesters’

Vice President Mike Pence was at the Colts game today in his home state of Indiana. When a number of players protested the national anthem, the Vice President left the game.

San Francisco player and safety Eric Reid called the Vice President’s departure part of ‘systematic oppression’.

And apparently, he can’t see the blatant hypocrisy of his arguing “I have a right to voice my opinion” and then saying someone expressing their opinion is oppressive….why? Because it disagrees with his, or course.

How typical in many ways: more hypocrisy from the intolerant crowd who say what they are advocating for is more tolerance.

Racism Among Athletes

As black athletes in the NFL say they are protesting oppression, former black NBA player Kenyon Martin decided to make a few racist remarks of his own.

Jeremy Lin, a current NBA player of Asian descent, is wearing his hair in dreadlocks these days.  Martin, who co-authors a sports blog, posted on his social media account  about Lin’s ‘cultural appropriation’ of black culture.  He then said “Do I need to remind this damn boy his last name is Lin?….alright bro, we get it.  You wanna be black.”

So do you think Colin Kaepernick of anyone will speak out against Martin?  Of course, that’s a rhetorical question.

Ginsberg Goes Over the Line

Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg commented last week on the last Presidential election, saying that in her view that ‘no doubt’ it was sexism that kept Hillary Clinton from being elected President.

First, Madame Justice, it’s very inappropriate for members of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to be overtly political.  SCOTUS members should rule on the law, and should stay out of politics so as to not be seen as political, but as judicial in their application of the cases before them.

Secondly, Madame Justice, it could just as easily be that Hillary Clinton’s numerous ethical lapses from the very beginning of her time in government jobs in the 1970’s, her circumventing legal ramifications of her actions that would have thrown others in jail, her total lack of any significant achievement at all while Secretary of State and her mishandling of classified material and her repeated lies about doing so which resulted in at least one death of a US intelligence asset….that maybe THOSE things are why she lost the election.  Maybe, just maybe THOSE are the reasons that she lost and that the American electorate preferred even the most unpopular candidate in US Presidential polling history to her.

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Past and Current Chairman of DNC Make News for Controversial Statements

Former Chairman of the Democratic Party Howard Dean and current Chairman Tom Perez both were in the news last week.  In one case, we got a full assault on free speech and in the other, a comment that people with anti-abortion beliefs were simply not welcome in the Democratic Party under any circumstances, as if reinforcing the assault on free speech.

Image result for howard dean
Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean

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Quick Takes on a Friday

The craziness at America’s higher education institutions continues to amaze….

A student group at Duquesne University fears that a Chick-fil-A will endanger their ‘safe spaces’ and is asking the University to ban them from campus.  The fear of the chicken sandwich is apparently real.


After reports that former UN Ambassador and National Security chief Susan Rice submitted a number of special requests to go around procedures to keep secret the names of US citizens that intelligence agencies had inadvertently spied upon (see my earlier blog post from Tuesday, April 11), the House Intelligence Committee is formally looking into the matter and questioning if Rice used her government position for political purposes since most of the names she requested were Trump campaign officials.


And finally, President Trump yesterday signed a bill that would allow states to spend federal grants the way that they wish, and overturned an Obama-era mandate that they not be able to restrict those government funds from going to Planned Parenthood.   The measure does not change funding but lifts the restrictions the federal government had previously placed on the states.


California in the News

Two news items this week give a glimpse of life in ultra-liberal California.

The first is that, despite already having the highest taxes in the country, Governor Jerry Brown has decided that isn’t enough and wants more.  He has proposed a 12 cents a gallon increase on gas and a roughly 15% increase on vehicle fees.  This, he said, is needed to pay for road repairs and for the underfunded state pensions and comes after other tax increases when he first came to office. With the free spending style of California government, there will never be enough taxpayer money to go around and it will be a short time before there is another tax increase after this one.

The other news is that the California Attorney General announced he will file felony charges against two conservative activists who secretly filmed conversations with Planned Parenthood employees about buying body parts from aborted fetuses.

Isn’t it the ultimate sense of how far pro-abortion backers will go to defend even the most extreme outrage? To be sure, filming without obtaining someone’s permission is illegal. But it’s not often enforced, just ask all of the celebrities in Hollywood and Los Angeles, California. And aside from that, California is prosecuting two people who filmed conversations but are taking no action on those who offered to sell human body parts! These two were filming potentially illegal activity, but the illegal activity is ignored. Why? Because abortion must be protected at all costs, in the minds of the California Attorney General. Even if that means locking up a whistleblower.