Murder Rates Rise Dramatically…In A Year Of Lockdowns

In Milwaukee, homicides are up 37% so far this year. In Los Angeles, killings are up by double digit percentages, and Kansas City has had 99 killings since January. Murder rates are up in at least 36 cities this year.

And all of this in the middle of a pandemic, when much of the country was locked down for months. What can possiblly account for the dramatic increase in violent crime?  Hmmm…let me think.

Voting By Mail-Seriously?

As Thinking Man mentioned in a ‘weekend quick take’, last week the Federal government announced that they had sent over a million stimulus checks (totaling roughly $1.4 B) to dead people by mistake. Yes, dead people. If that isn’t a good enough reason to realize that voting by mail is a bad idea, here is one more-a practical example where it was tried. Continue reading “Voting By Mail-Seriously?”

Show What You Believe By Your Actions, Not Your Words

We have all seen it, people who talk a good game but when it comes to actually doing what they say, their actions don’t quite measure up. Most of us would say that we have run into people like that far too often, but would also admit that we often don’t realize it until we see the bad effects.

As someone who tends to lean conservative politically it is always interesting, and somewhat troubling, to hear people talk about racism and sexism, for example, and to infer that it is primarily the fault of conservatives. But other than the rhetoric, what really happens? What is actually done and what are the results? Continue reading “Show What You Believe By Your Actions, Not Your Words”

Racism is Ok in One Circumstance

A hallmark of racism is when there is an assumption that a group of people are all alike: that they all act alike, speak the same way, think the same way and can be judged by a stereotype that simply must be true because they are a member of a certain group and everyone in that group has to be alike. Continue reading “Racism is Ok in One Circumstance”

Biden Takes a Hard Left

Now that Joe Biden has become the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, he is setting the stage for the general election. Normally, party nominees ‘move to center’ after getting the nomination in an attempt to appeal to independent voters who, in the case of Democrats are not as liberal as the party base of voters or, in the case of Republicans are not as conservative as the party base. This year, Biden’s political calculations appear different. Continue reading “Biden Takes a Hard Left”

Presidential Politics and the Pandemic

The outbreak of the the COVID-19 virus has been all consuming, both in the news and in our daily lives. As new hot spots pop up across the country, perhaps no place has been harder hit than New York. Governor Cuomo has raised the alarm and earned credit for his calm demeanor in the face of unprecedented trials.

The consuming nature of news of the virus has had the political side effect of putting the presidential campaign on the back burner. Since becoming the clear front-runner for the Democratic nomination, Joe Biden has fallen from the news. Not because of anything he has or hasn’t done but simply because there seemingly is no time for anything else in the news. Continue reading “Presidential Politics and the Pandemic”

Help the Country vs. Help the Ego

The stock markets like stability. Instability makes people take their money somewhere else that they think may be safer (or at least less risky). And as our economy has changed over the last two decades, the stock market is increasingly important to all segments of the US population since most people now have a 401(K) or an IRA. Stock ownership is not just primarily for the more affluent, as it once might have been.

Similarly, business owners like the ‘known’. Business conditions that are unstable or that may change in unpredictable ways make them nervous and fearful of investing in technology and additional jobs.

The stock market averages have plunged almost 30% in the past 2 weeks, prior to recovering a bit on Friday when some averages gained back 6-9%, in the first sign that the financial crash may be stabilizing.

What the markets and the economy need is a steady hand, and a consistent policy to address the current crisis, which is largely the result of the total unknown of how the current coronavirus pandemic will affect us and the economy. Continue reading “Help the Country vs. Help the Ego”

Why Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Never Caught On

Elizabeth Warren, the junior senator from Massachusetts, announced this week that she was ending her run for President. Warren’s campaign never really caught on.

While running for President, Warren lost her home state of Massachusetts.  Well, lost is a kind word. She finished third and did not get even a quarter of the vote. And she did better in Massachusetts than she did anywhere else.

So why was she in the news so much in the last year, and why did that not translate into votes? The explanation is actually pretty easy. Continue reading “Why Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Never Caught On”

What If You Endorsed a Candidate and He Said “No, you really shouldn’t have”?

Former FBI Director James Comey, who led the agency during the 2016 Presidential campaign, was in the news again.

Comey, who was criticized by Hillary Clinton campaign saying that he cost her the election by the way he handled the investigation and then was later fired by President Trump for very similar reasons, decided to wade into the Presidential election this year. Comey, who seems to crave publicity as much as anything, announced that he would be voting for Joe Biden.

In a somewhat humorous twist, Biden’s campaign was not thrilled. A campaign media representative for Biden’s campaign quickly tweeted out a sarcastic response, letting everyone know the endorsement was unwanted:  “I just received a package that I very much did not order. How can I return it, free of charge?”


Feel the Bern–the (extreme) Radicalism of Bernie Sanders

After winning this weekend’s Nevada caucuses, Bernie Sanders has become the Democratic front-runner for their nomination for President. Sanders describes himself as a socialist and proposes to totally do away with the capitalist system. He has proposed increases public spending by over $92 trillion over the next ten years (while only proposing roughly $25 trillion in new revenue to pay for it, as an aside). So the fact that he represents the very left-wing of the Democratic Party is no surprise.

But most people would be very surprised at exactly how radical he really is, and has been for his whole adult life. Continue reading “Feel the Bern–the (extreme) Radicalism of Bernie Sanders”