Vice President Harris At The ASEAN Summit

This is excerpted from the State Dept. official account.

Is this author the only person to whom this sounds like someone called on in school to give a book report on a book that they did not read?

I am surprised there is some public affairs officer though it was a good idea to post this for the world to see. But, at least, it seems that we will all be working together.

A Guide To ID Requirements

ID RequiredNo ID Required  
Open a bank accountVote
(in most states)
Buy a carBuy groceries
Rent a carBuy gas
Buy a cell phone Rent a hotel room 
Adopt a pet 
Pick up a prescription 
Board an airplane 
Buy cigarettes or alcohol 
Go into a bar 
Go into a casino 
Donate blood 
Apply for a loan/mortgage 
Start a new job 
Getting a hunting or fishing license 
Get married 
Be admitted to the hospital 
Apply for Social Security 
Apply for unemployment 
Apply for food stamps 
Apply for Medicaid 

Kevin McCarthy: A Man Without Principles

Over the last two weeks, we have found out about the true character of Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the US House of Representatives. Unfortunately, he showed how willing he is to lie and how willing he has been to do anything for personal power.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Scary

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is a wild-eyed radical who enjoys saying crazy things, seemingly to get publicity and raise money. But as outlandish as she seems, you have to wonder if she really believes all of the crazy things she says. Apparently so.

On Thursday, at a court proceeding on an election law issue Greene was asked, under oath, if she advocated violence against people who disagree with her. Under oath, she replied “I don’t think so,” Greene replied. “I don’t know how to answer that.”

How do you not know how to answer that?! Well, it is quite simple, although seemingly too hard to believe. Greene simply does not believe in democracy and elections. It is that straightforward. She would not rule out violence against people who disagree with her and THAT is why she is so dangerous and is not qualified to hold any public office.

US Lawmakers for Putin

As hard as it is to comprehend, there are US lawmakers that seem to be ok with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of neighboring democratic country, Ukraine.

At the end of the day, issues of war and conquest through the use of military force are the ‘big’ issues in the world. Almost all other things pale in comparison. How can anyone still support these people?

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Stacy Abrams Just Not Ready For Prime Time

Stacy Abrams just keeps showing us that she just isn’t ready for prime time or public office. As a candidate for governor of Georgia, Abrams is certainly a media darling among certain segments, but she just is not that bright and she showed us that again this week.

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Biden Can’t Get Out Of His Own Way, Politically

On Friday, President Joe Biden nominated current Appeals Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to be the next Supreme Court justice, fulfilling his promise to nominate a Black woman.

Biden had previously shared a list of those being considered for nomination. Liberal Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC), a very influential figure in his home state and whose endorsement of Biden in 2020 is widely credited with helping Biden get his campaign back on track, endorsed Justice J. Michelle Childs, another Black woman who currently is a US District Court Judge. Childs was also endorsed by conservative Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), seemingly being someone who would get bipartisan support. Additionally, Childs would have provided increased diversity on a court where all of the justices got their degrees from Ivy League schools. Childs got her degree from a public law school.

Biden, who said that he would bring the country back together, instead choose a nominee that appears to be destined to draw controversy and continued the exclusivity of the Ivy League on the Court. He had a clear choice, a Black woman who had bipartisan support and was qualified enough to be on his own short list of candidates. Instead, he walked away from bipartisanship at the exact time he needed something to bring the country together, as he faces several challenges in the international arena and needs a united voice. Instead, he went another way.

Weekend Observations and Quick Takes: Energy and Elections

Energy Policy

In one year, The United States has have gone from energy independence to begging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil so that gas prices in the US will stabilize, as Russia threatens international supplies over tensions in Ukraine.

“Free Money!”

Sen. Ralph Warnock of Georgia tweeted out this weekend: “Children are our future. Let’s make the Expanded Child Tax Credit permanent…”

So, translated, “children are our future, so let’s give them money”?  We don’t just give people money ‘just because’ or in this case, just give kids money because they are kids.

Come on, Sen. Warnock, at least tell us what it should be used for or what problem you want to fix. Just saying “Give people money” is about the most unintelligent way for a statesman to address himself. Although promising “free” stuff is certainly a good way to get people to vote for you, I guess.  I suppose it is not a coincidence that you are up for re-election this year.

Echoing Stacy Abrams?

Last week Stacy Abrams, a Democratic candidate for the Governor of Georgia, suggested that criticism of her for not wearing a mask when she had been vocal in support of mask mandates was possibly racist…because….well, for no good reason other than apparently she couldn’t come up with a good reason for why what she did was different than what she said.

As seems to be happening more often, we saw a similar accusation coming out of San Francisco this week. Three San Francisco School Board members faced a recall election this week, and all three were removed from office with over 70% of the vote. Board President Gabriella Lopez, one of the ousted member, had a ready explanation:  it was the work of “white supremacists”.

So, if Lopez is to be believed, over 70% of the people of San Francisco are racist “white supremacists”, even the people of Chinatown where the vote to recall the three members was heaviest.

Just one more example of the radical left’s “You disagree with me, so you have to be a racist” tantrums that they trot out when they can’t come up with anything else. The sad tragedy is not that their intellectual capabilities are so low that they are not able to come up with a good political argument, it is that they do damage to the real instances where racism has to be confronted because it is becoming the proverbial “boy that cried wolf”.

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