Trump and Republican Primaries

The influence of Donald Trump on Republican voters was tested in the Georgia primaries on Tuesday. Trump’s top targets for this whole election cycle were the Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, and the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger.

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Reminders of Jimmy Carter?

The stock market dropped last week for the seventh consecutive week. Violent crime rates have spiked and continue to rise. A baby formula shortage has sent parents scrambling. And inflation remains at levels that are the highest in 40 years.

The president’s approval rating plunged in an Associated Press poll to a new low 39 percent.

BLM Racket Shows How Little Civil Rights Matter To Its Leaders

The last two years have seen a national outrage about issues of violence against minorities, highlighted by cases where the violence was excessive and was directly at people of color and, in some cases solely because of the victim’s race.

It has been in that context that the Black Lives Matter organization has risen to prominence. That organization, which is focused on racial inequality but also promoting a wide social and political agenda, raised $90 million in 2020 alone, far more than they had ever raised.

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Vice President Harris At The ASEAN Summit

This is excerpted from the State Dept. official account.

Is this author the only person to whom this sounds like someone called on in school to give a book report on a book that they did not read?

I am surprised there is some public affairs officer though it was a good idea to post this for the world to see. But, at least, it seems that we will all be working together.

A Guide To ID Requirements

ID RequiredNo ID Required  
Open a bank accountVote
(in most states)
Buy a carBuy groceries
Rent a carBuy gas
Buy a cell phone Rent a hotel room 
Adopt a pet 
Pick up a prescription 
Board an airplane 
Buy cigarettes or alcohol 
Go into a bar 
Go into a casino 
Donate blood 
Apply for a loan/mortgage 
Start a new job 
Getting a hunting or fishing license 
Get married 
Be admitted to the hospital 
Apply for Social Security 
Apply for unemployment 
Apply for food stamps 
Apply for Medicaid 

Kevin McCarthy: A Man Without Principles

Over the last two weeks, we have found out about the true character of Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the US House of Representatives. Unfortunately, he showed how willing he is to lie and how willing he has been to do anything for personal power.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Scary

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is a wild-eyed radical who enjoys saying crazy things, seemingly to get publicity and raise money. But as outlandish as she seems, you have to wonder if she really believes all of the crazy things she says. Apparently so.

On Thursday, at a court proceeding on an election law issue Greene was asked, under oath, if she advocated violence against people who disagree with her. Under oath, she replied “I don’t think so,” Greene replied. “I don’t know how to answer that.”

How do you not know how to answer that?! Well, it is quite simple, although seemingly too hard to believe. Greene simply does not believe in democracy and elections. It is that straightforward. She would not rule out violence against people who disagree with her and THAT is why she is so dangerous and is not qualified to hold any public office.

US Lawmakers for Putin

As hard as it is to comprehend, there are US lawmakers that seem to be ok with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of neighboring democratic country, Ukraine.

At the end of the day, issues of war and conquest through the use of military force are the ‘big’ issues in the world. Almost all other things pale in comparison. How can anyone still support these people?

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Stacy Abrams Just Not Ready For Prime Time

Stacy Abrams just keeps showing us that she just isn’t ready for prime time or public office. As a candidate for governor of Georgia, Abrams is certainly a media darling among certain segments, but she just is not that bright and she showed us that again this week.

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