Sen. Marco Rubio on How We Talk Politics

In the current political environment, where we seem to have…well, lost our collective minds or at least our ability to be civil, Sen. Marco Rubio gave a speech on the floor of the Senate that is worth taking the eight or so minutes to listen to in its entirety. Continue reading “Sen. Marco Rubio on How We Talk Politics”

Where Free Speech Went to Die

And the week brings another story of the distressing state of public higher education….unfortunately, another in an increasingly frequent series of stories where US universities are the site of authoritarian violence. Continue reading “Where Free Speech Went to Die”

Could We Get a Grown Up?

Hearing the latest news item on US foreign relations, I was preparing my thoughts until the time that I could get to a computer and put them down, only to hear of another story just begging for comment before I could even get the first post out. Continue reading “Could We Get a Grown Up?”

The Bottom Line on Russian Hacking

There has been much controversy about Russian hacking of email accounts related to the recent election.   The source of hacking the emails from the Clinton campaign and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) public was WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks head Julian Assange says that the information came from a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter and not from Russia and, while that may turn out to be the case, I think we can all agree that needs to be taken with the proverbial ‘grain of salt’. No matter how they got to WikiLeaks, US intelligence communities seem to be very confident that the original hacking originated in Russia. So what does that mean for us? Continue reading “The Bottom Line on Russian Hacking”

When Discrimination Is OK?

The President-elect has been selecting his cabinet nominees since his election in early November.   If we include the UN Ambassador and the head of the National Security Council, there are seventeen members in the President’s cabinet.  As is often the case for incoming Presidents, there have been a couple of unorthodox selections by the President-elect. Interestingly however, among the most controversial, among liberals at least, has been the fact that there are three former military generals nominated. President-elect Trump has chosen former career military officers to lead the National Security Council, and the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Continue reading “When Discrimination Is OK?”

How did we not see this coming?

We all now have had to time to digest the presidential election results from last month.  Judging by the news, some of us still can’t get over it but at some point we are going to move on (assuming of course, we believe in democratic elections).

So what are we to think of the totally unexpected, and possibly unprecedented, results? Thinking Man has some reflections on the outcome, more on the politics of it all than the outcome itself. Continue reading “How did we not see this coming?”

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