The Bottom Line on Russian Hacking

There has been much controversy about Russian hacking of email accounts related to the recent election.   The source of hacking the emails from the Clinton campaign and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) public was WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks head Julian Assange says that the information came from a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter and not from Russia and, while that may turn out to be the case, I think we can all agree that needs to be taken with the proverbial ‘grain of salt’. No matter how they got to WikiLeaks, US intelligence communities seem to be very confident that the original hacking originated in Russia. So what does that mean for us? Continue reading “The Bottom Line on Russian Hacking”

Two Children Doing Foreign Policy?

Events of the last week should give American foreign policy watchers pause. As we wind down 2016 and the end of President Obama’s term, we would expect that short of some crisis there would be no major policy statements or new initiatives. And, similarly, we would expect that the incoming President would be quiet and deferential until he took office just after the turn of the New Year.

But both expectations have turned out to be wrong this year. Continue reading “Two Children Doing Foreign Policy?”