Andrew Cuomo Reminds Us Again of His Incompetence

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reminded us again twice this week why he may be the most incompetent governor in the country, oddly in spite of the fact that he seems to be a media darling.

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Trump’s Final Election Lawsuit

In a decision on Saturday, the US District Court serving Wisconsin rejected a lawsuit brought by the Trump campaign. The judge was a Trump appointee.

A number of Trump supporters have echoed his claims of election fraud. But when you read the details of Trump’s legal briefs, you wonder how many of those people have actually read any part of the court filings.

Below is a link to an article from the conservative magazine National Review (which was founded by William F. Buckley), that gives some background and detail around the lawsuit and the ruling in that final case before the Electoral College met today. It’s worth the read.

Weekend Quick Takes

A busy week in the news, as the Supreme Court declines to review a lawsuit on the election results, another historic peace deal in the Middle East and news on law and order. Summaries of these, in this edition of Quick Takes

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A Short History Of Election Fraud In 2020

The Supreme Court announced yesterday that it had rejected a request to hear a case challenging the election results in Pennsylvania. By not hearing the case, the Court was saying that they saw no merit and that the lower court ruling (whose majority opinion was written by a Trump appointed judge) was sound.

The last time an electoral case went to the Supreme Court was in 2000. So maybe it’s worth reviewing how we got here, in the roughly one month since election day.

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News Of The Weird

And this week we have more from the left coast…

In the news:

  • This week the San Francisco City Council passed an ordnance that prohibits smoking tobacco in your own home. However, the ordnance specifically excludes marijuana and only applies to tobacco cigarettes.
  • An election day referendum decriminalized drugs in Portland, so it is no longer a crime to use cocaine, meth and other formerly illegal mind altering substances.

So, we now have it in San Francisco where you can’t smoke a cigarette in your own home but can smoke a joint.

And in Portland, you can snort cocaine as long as you don’t use a plastic straw to do it, because those are illegal.

Who suggested that 2020 couldn’t get any more weird?!

Sidney Powell and 2020-Quite A Combination

Sidney Powell, is a lawyer that was part of the Trump campaign’s legal team until recently, when she was allowed to pursue ‘independent investigations’ of fraud on her own, and she no longer has association with Trump’s legal staff, according to an announcement last week.

 Powell says that she is going to continue to fight voter fraud in multiple states, and has filed lawsuits in Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia, for example, on that topic.

The lawsuits make for some pretty funny stories, as it turns out.

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Biggest Challenge For The Next President?

The incoming Administration will be faced with a lot of challenges. Part of that is the uniqueness of what has been the year 2020. Yet, the pandemic will hopefully be waning by the time that the new presidential term starts in January. The vaccines will presumably already being administered and medical professionals say that everyone who wants a vaccine could be vaccinated as early as June. If that is the case, then the primary issue with the pandemic will be the economic recovery and how to pay for the cost of the pandemic relief. The biggest challenge may be one of foreign policy, in an area that the Obama Administration failed miserably but has shown historic progress in the last three months.

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Supreme Court Rules That New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Discriminates Against Religion

As we were preparing for our Thanksgiving celebrations, you may have missed a Supreme Court ruling in a case out of New York. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on attendance at churches and synagogues was unconstitutional.

That is the simple, and immediate issue, at hand. But the ruling was far more significant.

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