In A Busy News Week, THIS Is The Talked About Topic?

Often in the news, and certainly in a Donald Trump presidency, things happen quickly and the hot topic is overtaken by new events-last several days are an example of that. Though it now seems so long ago, but it hasn’t even been a week since the State of the Union speech. Yet the seemingly measured tone of the speech, praised even by some of the President’s long time opponents, has quickly been replaced by new chaos, courtesy of the President’s Twitter account among other things.

In the next several days, Thinking Man will offer thoughts on several topics of the last few days, including the long-awaited GOP plan to replace Obamacare.

But one topic has jumped to the front of the news cycle. Yesterday, President Trump claimed that the Obama Administration bugged Trump Tower leading up to the election this past November.

Right off, one wonders how exactly to respond to that. Probably never in the history of the country has any President made any accusations close to anything like that about a former President.   So one has to take a deep breath—ok, maybe several deep breaths—and sit back and try to be as level-headed as possible. And that may not actually be possible, as there are so many things wrong with this whole scenario no matter what the final outcome. Continue reading “In A Busy News Week, THIS Is The Talked About Topic?”

The Increasing Radicalization of the Democratic Party

Since the surprise loss in last November’s election, Democrats had been pondering who should head the Party. The top contenders for the Chair of the Democratic Party were Tom Perez, a former head of the Justice Dept.’s Civil Rights Division and Secretary of Labor under President Obama, and Rep. Keith Ellison of MN. The background of the two leading contenders makes you think that the Party has decided to become more radical. Continue reading “The Increasing Radicalization of the Democratic Party”

Executive Orders on Executive Orders

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee recently signed an executive order, ordering Washington state employees to not cooperate with President Trump’s executive orders—an executive order to ignore executive orders from anyone else, as it were (I know, confusing isn’t it?).  

Inslee signed his executive order a day after lawyers for a so-called “Dreamer” arrested by ICE earlier this month again asked a court to release him immediately.  The person involved, Daniel Ramirez Medina, 23, who was brought to the country from Mexico when he was 7, has admitted gang ties and a judge has previously refused to release him after the Dept. of Homeland Security had detained him.   

Yet Inslee sees this as an example of the type of person who needs protection rather than the type of person from whom we need protection. 

African-Americans for segregation…

At the Univ. of Michigan, there is a proposal being advance by minority student groups to create a “safe space” where students could go to be protected from such things as others who disagree with them and hearing anything they don’t like.  The proposal is to create a safe space solely for African-Americans where no whites would be allowed at any time.

Though my graduate degree in history is a bit old, I could swear that last month we celebrated the birthday of someone who led the struggle to make sure that segregation of the races would never happen again…

Love Trumps hate?

Among the rising wave of paranoia since the election is this bit, one example of several, from the Washington DC area…

In an online ad for a roommate in Georgetown, 23-year old Sahar Khan wrote: “Alcohol, pets and meat products are not allowed…Neither are Trump supporters.”

In an interview she said she wasn’t being, as the interviewer asked “a bit intolerant”. She also insisted that she was not discriminating based on “political differences” and that she wouldn’t “drill” potential housemates on their political beliefs, she just didn’t want someone who supported Trump as a roommate.

One can only hope that the new national health plan that is to be proposed will have generous mental health benefits.